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  1. Memorial Day weekend trip ruined - Rant

    I’ve had my PB since late September and I’ve pretty much touched on every issue that comes up on these forums but I still love the truck and the fact that it is a PB. To the OP as I mentioned on your Reddit post - this truck is more like a computer and is clearly very software based. The rough...
  2. Rear diff gear oil change at 9000km

    That’s why I did the Spicer diff cover too. I haven’t thought about the transmission fluid change but why would it be hard? Can you not gravity fill it? I had to do that on my DSG VW trans before using a top fill method, that being through the top mounted filter. Could you not how up a hose to...
  3. Rear diff gear oil change at 9000km

    Glad to hear the Spicer magnetic drain plug did its job. I was thinking of letting it go for quite a while till 60k miles or so but now you’re making me think that a second change sooner might be a better idea.
  4. Ford - undo whatever you did in that last update.

    Same. I’d say mine was good 99% of the time. The only odd shift it would do is be a bit harsh/laggy? when going from Drive to Reverse. The actual driving was great. Now it feels like it’s hanging on upshifts in the lower gears and falls flat on its face when it comes to downshifting 6>5>4...
  5. Ford - undo whatever you did in that last update.

    If you get that done let us know how it works out. It’s really annoying that they’d even mess with the transmission OTA. I mean I get it, some people have issues with the transmission and how it shifts but that should be an update that you can tell your dealer to patch for you. Why even chance...
  6. Ford - undo whatever you did in that last update.

    Just for more visibility to them. My transmission was buttery smooth most of the time prior to that update and now the transmission is jerky especially on downshifts into 9th and 5th. If you’re accelerating and it’s upshifting into those gears and you suddenly need to brake it feels like the...
  7. Jerk When ICE Engages

    FWIW ever since that last update about a week ago my transmission and general jerkiness (if any) is way worse than in was prior to that update. My transmission was really smooth 99% of the time pre-update and now there are noticeable jerks especially on downshifts.
  8. Failed Cat Converter

    I’m on my second left hand cat right now - just had it replaced two weeks ago at 11,000km. I took a look at it after it came off and there was no obvious elements broken inside. I’m going to guess that the failures, CEL’s are due to the constant, stop, start and limited temperature that these...
  9. New 2024 F150. What accessories to get

    -Tuxmat -Bedrug -Check your transmission pan for any weeping
  10. Rear diff gear oil change at 9000km

    Swapped out the stock rear cover for the Dana Spicer / Ford Performance one today at 9000km and the diff fluid was very dark grey/black - Not that the color necessarily means it’s no good but I’d highly recommend an early change out after seeing that.
  11. 2.7L EcoBoost 2.7 correct oil filter?

    I don’t have a 2.7 but those are interesting. Used to have a VW and it’s very similar to an OEM 2.0T FSI filter from a VW GTI. Mann Hummel makes those.
  12. Powerboost CEL P237C/Exhaust Heat Exchanger Leak Megathread

    Had the 'B' part number installed a couple of weeks ago by the dealer to deal with the squeak. Surprisingly had it in stock so there was zero wait and downtime. 145" WB
  13. Greets all, Im new to this forum and seeking some advice.

    Congrats on the new ride as a fellow lower mainlander. I think it’s a good idea you got the extended warranty even though it comes at a bit of a cost. I went back and forth of the Powerboost vs. getting another 2.7 like I had before and bought the Powerboost knowing I’d likely have a few...
  14. New 2024 KR powerboost Stop safely now

    I thought most of the “stop safely now” messages were mostly on first start not while actually driving.. I had one around the same mileage as you, within the first week of ownership but it hasn’t happened again.
  15. Differential bolt size

    For those of you that have changed the diff cover or replaced bolts. What’s the correct size? I see two sizes called out on multiple forums. Some say 5/16, other sites like Ford parts lists an M10 bolt as being compatible with a 2023 9.75. Thanks!
  16. Powerboost squeak

    Longer wheelbase?
  17. Powerboost squeak

    Just had mine replaced today - 8700km on the truck. Surprising the dealer had on in stock. They installed part number is PL3Z5A212B. Looks like the other part number members have been mentioning is an ML part number so maybe it’s been updated.
  18. Electric motor not engaging; code U0287

    I had a list of issues with mine including that “service charging system soon”, “trailer brake fault” and the dreaded “stop safely now”, no start situation once. Plus the truck went into deep sleep even after a drive. All of that was apparently connected to that low 12V on the main battery. It...
  19. Electric motor not engaging; code U0287

    Your 12v AGM is likely not ok even though the dealership says so. I just had the battery changed on my 4 month old PB and that code is one the found during my visit. After seeing how much a new 12v battery ‘fixes’ a lot of the issues it’s clear that having a good battery is essential in these...
  20. Post Your List of Repairs/Failures (Warranty, or otherwise)

    2023 XLT 302A PB (July 2023 build) 5000km Cracked transmission pan from factory, leaking -new pan installed Trailer Brake malfunction -repaired by recoding Charging system service soon, deep sleep -12V battery replaced Steering wheel alignment off from factory -4 wheel alignment EIWE issue...