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  1. International Boundary Message

    Two times now, since I took delivery of my Powerboost in May, I have gotten the following message on the Instrument panel "You have crossed an International Boundary do you want to change Units". Both times it happened when I first got into the truck in the morning. I'm in Calgary...
  2. How to Update Speed Limit Data

    There is a section of Highway 2 near High River, south of Calgary, that always reverts my cruise control to 80km/h even though the posted limit is obviously 110km/h. This is super annoying. What can be done to rectify it?
  3. Instrument Panel Reverts to Default

    I have had my Powerboost for over a month now and I like it very much. Only one issue is bugging me; Twice so far the Instrument Panel has reset and I lost my custom "My View" and "Gage Configuration". Anyone else seen the same issue and have ideas what might be the cause?