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  1. Ford Protect Warranty--What Package

    I went with premium/led lights and rental with 0 deductible. Have used all expect the led portion after the first month I bought the warranty. New transmission and hybrid drive unit
  2. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Hello. If I could get a look at 1FTFW1EDXMFA82039. I’m about to embark on an FDRS tour so just want to see what’s up before I do. Thank you in advance Update .Im into the fdrs so no need for a check. Thanks
  3. Any tricks to remove chrome exhaust tip?

    I commented before on this kit. Really is a great price for all that’s in that package. Especially if they can get the shocks
  4. Dealer Butchered BedRug on Install...Advice?

    Ya you need to go back and talk to them about that. That is not a proper install. Even if they need to start with a new one
  5. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    Agree I do like the new look but so far that’s it I think
  6. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    Ahhh it finally dropped and they took none of our feedback. V5 castrated pass
  7. Ford Protect extended warranty

    It would be nice if they clarified a bit better on the time periods of the warranty. I guess when bought at day one an 8 year extended warranty makes sense as to how it’s added but in my case I bought my warranty at the end of the factory warranty period. I had to keep reminding myself I was...
  8. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    Megaohm package arrived. New fuel door pin and no more back up beeping for PB
  9. F150 Limited, what's your build number and color of truck?

    2021 Powerboost, Smoked Quartz, #1222
  10. Screen Selections keep changing

    I think the mid level 8” screen with the tach/speedo is nicer and looks like it has better graphics. I would agree the full digital one is a bit of a let down . Having said that the only time I lose selected screens is after an update sometimes
  11. Build delays... here we go again

    Well it looks to me the 2 guys building your truck are having computer problems
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Put the winter 20“ wheels away and got the 22s back on finally
  13. Extended Warranty & Maintenance Pkg. What should I pay?

    If you have a US address to use , do that. I saved almost $4k for 8 years/160km, and it works here (Can). Although not 100% sure on the maintenance but it sure work for that as well
  14. Fox Coilover - Pop/Clunk Sound

    There is a note on the Roush website that says: Please note that for 2021-2023 trucks, adjusting the lower spring perch down by 5/8" of an inch on the strut shaft (towards the lower control arm) is necessary for proper suspension travel and improved ride quality. Maybe?
  15. 2024 F-150 - Doors won’t open

    Well at least it’s working now
  16. 2024 F-150 - Doors won’t open

    Both fobs the same? Does the app work? Keycode on the door?Just some troubleshooting thoughts
  17. Best DSC settings for Fox 2.5 Factory Elite

    Hard to tell but almost like the hose was a bit short? Picture in the install manual looks like they sit further forward?
  18. Best Way To Protect My New F-150 Paint?

    PPF the entire front end and then ceramic coat. First time coating a vehicle and I’m impressed with it
  19. Will Raptor 37 springs and tires fit?

    I’m not even sure the fronts will as the control arms are different as well . I’m guessing a 4 inch lift might get you the space for the 37s (?)
  20. Will Raptor 37 springs and tires fit?

    Rear suspension is totally different than a normal F150. No leafs, unless you already are aware