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  1. Raptor in the Wild

    The stock wheels are listed on Facebook Marketplace. I reused the tires on the new wheels. No reason to ditch the BFG's in my opinion. Lots of inquiries on them already so act quick if you're interested. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/586385042572781/
  2. Raptor in the Wild

    The wheels are manufactured by Raceline. They are Krank 953BZ 17x8.5 +0.
  3. Raptor in the Wild

    It had the decal package and I ripped them off as soon as I got it home.
  4. Raptor in the Wild

    17x8.5 +0
  5. Raptor in the Wild

    Just a little proof that there are a few of us that have received our Raptors. Some QC issues that I'm working through, but overall pleased with the truck.
  6. Intercooler upgrade

    I reached out to CV Fabrication about an update for 2021 models. They said they're working on a fix and should have something in a couple months. The goal is to eliminate the need for the additional elbow. I think the CV Fab FMIC and Turbosmart BOV will get installed together when availalbe.
  7. Input on Raptor road driving please!

    The Raptor is a great highway vehicle because of how plush the ride is. You'll be more than comfortable cruising the Interstate in a Raptor. It has all the convenience features you'd find in any F150 which will make racking up the miles a breeze. The only issue will be gas mileage.
  8. Raptor Ownership - Not a Great Start

    All the driving assist features from the standard F150 are available on the Raptor. The Raptor also includes the Blue Cruise hardware for fully hands free driving when it is released by Ford.
  9. Raptor Ownership - Not a Great Start

    Nothing on bumpers like the fenders, but the dark silver specle paint they use just doesn't feel durable. My truck is AMB and there are multiple places where it looks like dust or other particles got under the clearcoat.
  10. Raptor Ownership - Not a Great Start

    Let's just say Ford quality hasn't impressed me too much in 2021. My first truck, a '21 Platinum Powerboost has been in the shop since August waiting on parts. I've declared it a Lemon and look forward to fighting it out with Ford. So, I found a '21 Raptor to replace it. I've never seen such...
  11. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power

    So my truck has been at the dealership since August 20th. I'm currently waiting on Ford P/N ML3Z5A212S. The original ETA was 9/24, but was notified today that it may be as late as 10/15. What I don't know is how this part plays into the issues I've been having. My Lemon Law Complaint hits...
  12. Any Day Now - Any Questions for our Walkaround?

    We need a definitive answer... Is Code Orange a metallic, tri-coat, or flat?
  13. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power

    I intend to file a Lemon Law complaint on Day 31 if I don't have resolution to display my extreme displeasure with Ford. I think if my dealership is successful in making the repair and I have no further issues, I'll keep the truck. The minute another light comes on, it's back to Ford for them...
  14. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power

    Update: The dealer has ordered new exhaust components that are backordered until 9/24.
  15. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power

    I'm at the dealership for the same issues as everyone else. My issues started with a MIL for a TSB. Twice the truck was reflashed and updated, and twice the light came back almost immediately. Then, I also experienced the malfunction with low power and the pre-collision assist not available...
  16. TSB 21-2053 for 3.5L PowerBoost -- Illuminated malfunction indicator light (MIL) w/ code P2C23, P2601, P164C, P060B or U0288 -- Built Before 02/16/21

    Since the 2nd appointment, the MIL came back plus I now have a Trailer Brake Module Fault, Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power, and Pre-Collision Assist Not Available. She's rolling like a turd at the moment.
  17. TSB 21-2053 for 3.5L PowerBoost -- Illuminated malfunction indicator light (MIL) w/ code P2C23, P2601, P164C, P060B or U0288 -- Built Before 02/16/21

    Because the MIL came back before I made it home from the dealership, I made another appointment and went back in: