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  1. AT&T Wireless Service

    The AT&T wireless service you pay $20.00 a month for is just for devices (phones, iPads, etc.) that want to connect to the internet? I used Android Auto so is my phone irrelevant to that wireless service because it is hooked up to Android Auto? Or can my phone be hooked up to that wireless too...
  2. Battery Tender

    Here's my situation. Ford will hopefully replace the APIM in my truck soon so I can start receiving OTA updates. I can't park my truck in a garage so my question is: Has anyone used a battery tender while your truck is parked outside and were you able to fish the tender wires out somewhere so...
  3. Recommended Windshield Replacement Shop

    My windshield needs replacing and my insurance company recommends Safelite Auto Glass. It's been a long time since I've had a windshield replaced and I wanted to know if they are a good shop. If not what would everyone recommend. Thank you.
  4. Fuel Additives

    I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before but I wanted to make sure. Does anyone use fuel additives in their truck? I have the 3.5L EB. If you do how often to you use it? Thank you.