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  1. Mr. Peabody’s Way Back Machine - Ford HQ 1953

    Saw this posted elsewhere with the caption noting this is Ford executives selecting automobile colors for 1953 autos from 76 different scale models. So is this real or just a corporate publicity stunt?
  2. Did 3.5.3/3.5.4 eat my bed camera?

    Bed camera at speed was previously working after 3.5.2 but is now unavailable after receiving 3.5.3 and 3.5.4. Tailgate is only view currently available. Anyone else experience this?
  3. OTA updates after 22B08

    I had dealer update truck with CSP 22B08 after previously being locked up on 1.7.1. My question is will I begin getting all previous OTA updates over time to bring me current? FYI…..my sync version was updated from 20262_Rev 229 to 21146_Rev 145.
  4. 22B08 Dealer Failure

    I’ve been trying to avoid updating my 21 Job 1 truck myself mainly due to resentment over having to spend the $$ and time to do something Ford should be responsible for. Long story short……dropped off truck today at my small town dealer to attempt 22B08 to get me past the frozen 1.7.1 update and...
  5. Trip Views

    My Job 1 502 Lariat has ability to track two separate trips noted as TRIP 1 & Trip 2. I’ve seen others post views also showing a THIS TRIP option as seen in screen capture below. I'm questioning if this is only available for upper end models, updated Job 2 models or just another glitch in the...
  6. Speedometer Speed Limit Markers

    Speed limit markers occasionally are shown at 120mph end of speedometer. Appears to be random with no apparent pattern. Can go days without any issue or happen multiple times on same trip. Anyone else or am I just lucky???