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  1. Small rip/puncture

    Personal perspective - if you want it to look right pay a pro. Should be a relatively cheap fix.
  2. Power Running Boards

    They will always retract when underway but - the shortcut to change setting is the kick button near the back of either board. When you get out your boards will be out. Push once they retract, again and they come back out. Now lock the truck. They will stay out and this will now be your default...
  3. Changes to 24MY Powerboost

    Our 2024 Hybrid CRV went with an electric water pump. With electric power steering, and dc/dc converter for charging 12v, electric AC, there are no longer any external moving parts or pulleys on the engine, less leak points, less weight, and less parts to fail. Seems Ford moving toward a...
  4. Powerboost coolant type?

    Always best with a partial fill to add the same formulation. While there may be other coolants compatible with the vehicle the safe interaction between 2 compatible coolants is not guaranteed.
  5. Tow mode vs normal

    I use Tow/Haul anytime we are pulling our camper for a few reasons. Gears are held longer reducing stress on the bottom end of the engine (powerboost). The engine stays running always in anything but park rather than shifting to electric only at times. Pulling I prefer constant oil and coolant...
  6. Faded Paint Splotch Atlas Blue 2022

    I would measure it and watch it over time to see if it’s getting larger. If so then you might consider getting some form of repair done. For now I would leave it. Factory paint is never matched by subsequent work. Might look the same at first but over time it can fade to a different shade and is...
  7. Bak X4s and Truxedo sentey in cold weather

    I have had the X4s on our 21 since new. It’s a little stiff when rolling up in cold but easily manageable. I spray silicone on all rubber door seals, rubber inside fuel door and along the mating surfaces of the X4s each fall. It keeps everything from freezing/sticking in the winter so I’ve never...
  8. When to do first oil change

    Curious did you cut your initial filter open as well when you had factory fill still. If so what were your observations of the filter adhesives etc. Thanks
  9. Noise when engine under load

    As Snakebitten says it appears to result from engine loading and disappears as soon as a downshift occurs. I believe the transmissions are tuned to hold a higher gear as long and as much possible for fuel economy. Think of a similar situation in a standard transmission vehicle. Shifting from 1st...
  10. Charging System Service Soon.

    Few things to check before visiting dealer. Make sure all fuses are fully seated under hood and in front passenger footwell. Check your battery connections. Some with this issue had loose connections. Fully charge your battery connecting ground so the charge must pass through the BMS module...
  11. Members with Michelin Defender LTX or LTX 2's on their trucks.

    Costco might be your best bet for them here in Canada. I haven’t had them on my truck yet but they will be the replacement when the Hancooks finally need to go. Did have Defenders on our Odyssey van before and they are excellent.
  12. Poor leather replacement

    Using a leather conditioner you can quickly see by how its absorbed which parts are leather or other. Seems the front ventilated sections and main parts of the 2 outboard rears are leather as is the centre front armrest. The rest seems to be other in our Lariat.
  13. Oil Analysis problems

    Anyone know of a similar service offered in Canada?
  14. Question, To lend my truck or not

    No. Just no.
  15. ESP (Extended Service Plan) in Canada

    When we were buying I had seen Petrie Ford mentioned a few times online as a dealer very competitive on warranty so I contacted them. They are in Ontario. I’m in Manitoba and was buying the truck in Sask as they had the truck I wanted in stock. I got quotes from Petrie in writing that were much...
  16. Enhanced Theft Assistance Features 2024 Only

    Yes I was thinking something like you describe would be a great option. In the same way you can remotely lock and unlock a credit card from your banking app using the app to remote kill (rather than just lock) your truck would be perfect. There has to be a firmware update that could enable such...
  17. Enhanced Theft Assistance Features 2024 Only

    Depending on what the provisions and cost are it’s something I would consider paying for if it becomes available
  18. Enhanced Theft Assistance Features 2024 Only

    I noticed enhancements in the Ford Pass app update this morning around theft notifications and on duty staff to assist with theft cases for the 2024 F150. Hoping this quickly becomes backward compatible for the rest of the 14gens. Can’t see any of them any less a target.
  19. Lost both High beams

    Given both not working hopefully you are dealing with a software vs actual headlight issue
  20. FordPass Location

    According to the app mine lives at a few locations in town other than our garage. An apple air tag is likely more accurate