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  1. 2024 CHMSL Cam (aka 'Bed Cam')?

    So true, I'm starting to feel the stress of what it must be like for these folks driving around in million $ Ferrari's, etc. I'm paranoid that if my truck got totaled, it's almost irreplaceable.
  2. OT: Anyone still put it in Park ?

    True. That Nintendo shifter gives me enough anxiety without pushing my luck needlessly.
  3. My F-150 is in the ocean

    Are you saying the extended warranty doesn't cover APIM? Or that your warranty is about to sunset?
  4. Cigarette Plug (“Power Point”) Doesn’t Stay On Anymore After Shutting Off The Truck

    Is your auto start/stop still working? My first suspect would be battery charge issues & start/stop seems to be the first symptom. My truck gradually cut off various modules to conserve battery. Ultimately radio would cut off as soon as car turned off, interior lights off, recognizing FOB, etc...
  5. Battery ready to replace after three years..?

    I took mine in 2 weeks before 36 months & told them no start stop, interior lighting, fob recognition periodically, low voltage messaging, etc., for months. They replaced it and all that disappeared so far. When this one craps out I'll get an H8
  6. Axle Bolt Sheared

    I don't know why they wouldn't do both at the same time, but then again, I know why they won't want to do both at the same time. btw - which one's Rick, and which one's Dawg? lol
  7. 2021 Peeling Paint Roof (My DIY Self Repair)

    Uh oh, don't say it out loud man, I got the AntiMatter blue now...lol Don't like hearing that at all! Hope that solves the issue for years to come brother.
  8. Truck Burglarized---No Alarm Went off. WTH?

    Makes me wonder if Jesus would've fit "I'm smarter than you are" into his everyday conversations...
  9. 2021 Peeling Paint Roof (My DIY Self Repair)

    Nice Job. 100% better than just watching it get worse slowly. Had a white 2016 and I was terrified that would start happening. Ford I think is pretty decent, it's not that many IMO, but seems like EVERY white Chevy truck I see around has jacked up paint. Wonder what's up with the white color on...
  10. Truck Burglarized---No Alarm Went off. WTH?

    Really??...come on guy's.... you can't just believe everything that pops up on your phone every week....lol
  11. F150 Tail Lights: Easy to Steal, Expensive to Replace!

    I was just thinking back to when I put torx head security screw in tail gate lock sleeve. Company I got them from had everything under the sun and allowed small order shipped quickly. I'll find name & share. Was also thinking use them on tailgate access panel would be smart. Anyone ever try...
  12. Vehicles thefts Key vs PTS

    This reminds me that I tried putting fob in an aluminum box with a tight lid and when I walked up to truck it still "saw" the key? How?
  13. Vehicles thefts Key vs PTS

    Yes, that's why I used Grocery store example, or movie theater, or mall - they got enough time to scoot, but they also can follow home, which is disturbing on a whole other level! lol I do understand the 3 am driveway thing is the preferred 'organized" theft method. Wonderful times afoot
  14. Vehicles thefts Key vs PTS

    True, But it doesn't address the one in your pocket at the grocery store....
  15. Vehicles thefts Key vs PTS

    Yeah, how bad can it be with five $50-$70k trucks sprinkled about, right? Super scary to me, thinking about super visual steering wheel lock....I know everything is defeatable, but the high tech crews won't have the tools or desire hopefully.
  16. 12" Screen Protector and Polarized Glasses

    Not that either are "forever" decisions, but I'm 99% sure you wouldn't regret the matte. I had similar misgivings fwiw - no more light angle frustrations.
  17. 12" Screen Protector and Polarized Glasses

    Mine is great, whatever eyewear....90% sure it's the same OCD Oncechance mentioned too.
  18. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    With a 36 Gal tank, I'm not overly concerned about another 1/4 gal. If I'm sweating it, I'd buy a 5 gal can and throw it in the bed.
  19. Loading/unloading a 450 lbs safe from truck bed

    Remind me not to mess with you and your friend. Someone here put a 600lb limit out there, but I might consider just removing the tailgate altogether and using multiple 4x4's to make a ramp and slide it down that way... Just spitballing.