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  1. Newly Designed FordPass 5.0 App®: What to Know

    The joke will be on @Ford Motor Company when people get annoyed at paying more money for a truck with less features and just buy a truck from a different company. You'd think as the F150 is the #1 selling vehicle in the country, they'd want to ensure the owners are happy and want to come back...
  2. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Ohhh! I like that a lot. I love how the top light bar matches up with the DRL's in the headlights. Do you have a link?
  3. Weight scale + levelling kit

    Yes, during the summer I tow our travel trailer every other weekend. That's why I ordered the OnBoard scales and Smart hitch in the first place. But, they are proving to be inaccurate. I had that same error light for the tail lights. That's why the replaced the sensor. Afterwards, when I...
  4. Weight scale + levelling kit

    It was Heartland Ford in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. I also had to have a ride height sensor replaced. Just got it back a week or so ago from having another sensor replaced to restore the tail light function of the scales. I still think I'm getting an incorrect reading on the dash display...
  5. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    Thank you! Missed that. Went and posted over there too.
  6. Newly Designed FordPass 5.0 App®: What to Know

    Yes!! I use my truck to tow my camper and use these functions all summer long! Not only that but you took away the OnBoard scale feature on a previous update. Why update the app to make it worse??
  7. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    Unfortunately I'm using an Iphone. Damn, the trailer light test was deleted too? I just used that last weekend while camping too. I used that every other week when I hooked up my trailer... Huh. I wonder if there's somewhere I can go bitch to Ford, lol.
  8. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    Damn!! I just used the zone lighting last weekend while I was camping. What is the purpose of deleting stuff off the app? Just checked. Mine just updated. Is there anyway to revert? I'll I get are start, lock and unlock.
  9. What tools do you keep in your truck?

    Under back seat: Booster cables Tow Strap Receiver Hitch Shackle 4 - ratchet straps Assorted bungee cords Plastic box w/ hitch pins, Trailer hitch latch pins, Propane gauge 1st aid kit TP Centre console: Flashlight / seatbelt cutter /window breaker combo thingy Digital tire pressure gauge...
  10. Recent Cruise Control "update" is a safety hazard - how do you submit feedback to Ford?

    To answer the OP's initial question about submitting feedback to Ford, I believe there is a way to do this right through the infotainment screen. I can't recall how I found it now. But I know I've seen it.
  11. Onboard scales not working after 2-inch level

    Okay.... completely emptied the box out last night of the above mentioned items. So box is completely empty. Have a couple items under the rear seat... Bungee cords, tow strap, receiver shackle, couple hitch pins, propane gauge, 4 ratchet straps, booster cables and 1st aid kit. I've added 150...
  12. Recent Cruise Control "update" is a safety hazard - how do you submit feedback to Ford?

    I actually love this about my truck vs having to hit 3 buttons in my wifes Bronco Sport to set the cruise. My wife prefers the cruise setup in the truck as well.
  13. Onboard scales not working after 2-inch level

    It's still not empty. Just snapped this pic now. The above mentioned items are still in the box less the cooler. With those items in the box (folding table, 2 director chairs also forgot about a rubber maid tote full of kindling) my scales are showing half full with me in the truck (180 lbs)...
  14. Onboard scales not working after 2-inch level

    Bumping this back up cause I'm wondering now if the level could cause an inaccurate reading? Towed my trailer home this past weekend. Dry hitch weight is 728 lbs. Two RV batteries plus 2 - 1/2 full propane tanks. All tanks in trailer empty. In the box of the truck was a 6' plastic folding...
  15. F-150 vs. new Tundra

    Weird. I just used this feature last weekend to keep an eye on a log splitter I rented as I towed it home. There was a warning message, but it didn't take up 50% of my screen. As a former GM owner, I can assure you their quality is no better than Fords.
  16. F-150 vs. new Tundra

    I forgot about that. When I was pursuing a '22, I was told I'd end up having to pay $10 per month to use the remote start on the keyfob after my free trial was up. That was something else that led me to choosing the F150. Meh. Fords are having quality issues as well. So, I'd call that a...
  17. Are you trading your 21-23 for. 24+?

    I know. That's why I tagged them. Just being an ass, lol
  18. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    While you're at it:
  19. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Hard to tell from that angle but, I'm wondering if that would help deflect airflow over a travel trailer? Maybe help reduce a little bit of wind drag? Maybe?