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  1. A modest audio upgrade - your thoughts?

    You can try disconnecting it and see what you think. Some say it helps a little others say it helps alot (me). Very easy panel to pop off and you can just unclip the speaker connector.
  2. A modest audio upgrade - your thoughts?

    So the forscan EQ changes wont do much to the B&O system since most signal out of the ACM will still go through the B&O amp after. Factory tuning wins regardless. Honestly, aside from maybe some block off plates and nuking the center speaker, not alot of bang for the buck without an aftermarket...
  3. Are you trading your 21-23 for. 24+?

    What this guy said. ZERO interest in upgrading. I'll keep my analog tach too. I do like the styling on some trims and supposedly improved reliability...
  4. Anyone planning to try E85 in the 2024 5.0?

    Reasonable assumption. I heard somewhere though that the ethanol content was instead deduced by the O2 sensor in the exhaust. I don't think the 21-23's have a dedicated O2 sensor. I'm wondering if they just didn't want to do another epa mileage test who knows...
  5. Anyone planning to try E85 in the 2024 5.0?

    Although ford officially doesn't claim to support E85 on the 5.0 anymore, has anyone put this theory to the test? AFAIK nothing has changed powertrain wise. Tuner's feel free to chime in here....
  6. A modest audio upgrade - your thoughts?

    This thread may be worth a peek -> https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/speakers-best-bang-for-the-buck.12532/ I've spent low $ and gotten great results without an amp on the 7 speaker non-b&o. I summed up all my findings in this post.
  7. 5.0 Coyote fluttering sound

    This is completely normal on pretty much most new 5.0s. Mine does it, every one I test drove does it. It's the hood rattling around as people have said. I actually like the noise because it makes me feel like I'm driving a Snot Rod.
  8. 2024 - Has the 10 speed been remedied?

    I think this is it https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2023/MC-10236680-0001.pdf. Though its a major repair so probably best make sure something actually broken before bringing it in and that the shop knows what they're doing.
  9. 2024 - Has the 10 speed been remedied?

    Yeah eco mode sometimes helps. Ive also noticed higher octane fuel (more power) makes the problem worse. Not a deal breaker, but Im assuming it's probably just the drum issue. If it gets worse, Ill have them open her up per the TSB before warranty expires. I'll get new trans fluid complementary...
  10. 2024 - Has the 10 speed been remedied?

    Many times unfortunately.
  11. New 24 BAP

    I think it's heads up display, second row heated seats, B&O unleashed, ability to add lay flat seats, extended running boards to bedside, and optional larger wheels with CCD.
  12. 2024 - Has the 10 speed been remedied?

    Hey James, did you ever get your transmission issues sorted out? And if so what were the symptoms. Mine is smooth except in traffic 25-50 mph, and acceleration it just likes to shift very abruptly into gear when I speed up or slow down.
  13. New 24 BAP

    Wrong. You loved the fact that there's no intercooler on this one...
  14. Speakers-best bang for the buck

    It changes the rear speakers to only mid/highs. Also sets the center dash speaker to full range. In my experience this allowed a fade to the back, without any bass loss if you wire your sub to the front. A much richer but less surround type sound.
  15. Speakers-best bang for the buck

    So I have one for you... Try this in forscan for the ACM (save your old config before hand) 727-01-01: 382A 15F1 **** Then set your fader all the way back to just barely touching the rear seat bottom. Turn down trebble your liking. This finally made things smooth and not overly bright...
  16. A Vote for the 5.0

    Yup. All preference. My brother has a 17 3.5 with 100k Miles, he's had to replace spark plugs, water pump, starter, cracked driver side valve cover, and the rattling cam phasers in the the last 2 years. Most people see the 2nd generation 3.5 as pretty bullet proof past the valve cover and cam...
  17. Swapping in 3.55 or 3.31 Gears into a 4WD

    I think that guy you saw also removed his cats and had an aftermarket tune with high octane fuel. That will make up a lot of the difference. His breathes and drinks way better than us plebeians.
  18. Swapping in 3.55 or 3.31 Gears into a 4WD

    This^. Skinnier less diameter tires that are light and low rolling resistance will help way more than gearing. Any level or lift will also hurt. The 2wd's sit lower with smaller lighter tires. Most 2wds have tires < 32" which can make a 355 or 331 gear ratio more like a 373 on a Platinum 4wd...
  19. Rattle at 3200ish RPM?

    I always noticed and thought this rattle was something around but not the engine. Heard on multiple 5.0's I've driven. I actually love it. Makes me feel like I'm driving a snot rod when I giver the beans.
  20. Speakers-best bang for the buck

    I'll second @TexasTruck . I dont have mine near all the way cranked up.