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  1. Newly Designed FordPass 5.0 App®: What to Know

    It’s a hybrid. Not a plug in so there is nothing to show for the battery. It’s only 1.5kwh anyway. The old app did show range and had a lot of other features.
  2. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    That’s easy enough. It could sync with the truck its status when you turn off the truck then if you want to get a current status you could pull down on the app to refresh it.
  3. 2024 King Ranch picked up from Granger Ford

    Looks like they got rid of the engine cover that says “powerboost” guess that must be weight savings. 🤣
  4. 2024 Rapid Red Platinum Plus Delivered

    That’s a good looking rig. I do hate the way ford plasters “platinum” across the hood. I would definitely remove that if it was my truck.
  5. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    Well that sucks. Something probably simple but I’m not sure what it would be. I’d reach out to Jesse at infotainment he is a magician with this kind of stuff. I’m sure he can get you sorted out.
  6. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    Yes the as built from your original ipc. In forscan when you’re in that module there is a button that says “save all”
  7. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    The easiest way would be to plug in the old one save the IPC info. Also take note of the engine hours and miles. Then plug the new cluster back in. Go to the ipc and then load in the saved info to it and you can also write the mileage and engine hours at that time. That’s how I did it. And mine...
  8. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    Assuming you saved your cluster info in forscan you can just write it to the new one. And there is a place to write your mileage. You can only go up in mileage not down so make sure you get it correct.
  9. Will Ford do a PHEV Powerboost?

    145 is what I have been seeing but either way not bad. Will be perfect for my needs.
  10. Will Ford do a PHEV Powerboost?

    Exactly! I’ve been watching them since the beginning. Really simplifies the driveline I think. I’ve got a reservation on the Ramcharger and I’m excited about it. It’s gonna be hard giving up the PB because I love it.
  11. Will Ford do a PHEV Powerboost?

    I really think ram has the right idea. Cut out most of the drive train. Throw a NA 6cyl running a generator and put an electric motor on the front and rear. Done. No transmissions, drive shafts, transfer cases etc. smooth power delivery. 90% of the time you can be all electric but when you need...
  12. Ford Pass - Will Service History Automatically Updagte?

    Mine does so I’m sure it will populate.
  13. Amps through 7 pin connector?

    Right. That’s why I said not a “traditional” alternator. I was just too lazy to explain the whole thing. Lol
  14. Amps through 7 pin connector?

    Just to further clarify the PB does not have an alternator in the way a triditional car would have. 12v power is supplied via the on board dc to dc converter.
  15. Question, To lend my truck or not

    That’s a tough one. He sound very responsible and has towed before. But on the other hand I remember what it’s like to be 22. lol. Maybe all parties might be better served for you to help him rent a Tahoe or something to pull it. I say Tahoe because most rental pickups don’t have a tow package...
  16. Weird deep whirring sound + vibration

    Nothing for me. Hoping that ford is going to come out with some sort of real fix but not holding my breath. Lol
  17. Speakers-best bang for the buck

    Yes. I bought the a pillers new from ford and was surprised to find that they came with the tweeters so all I had to do was swap the pillers and plug in the new ones. What a difference that made.
  18. Speakers-best bang for the buck

    Without an amp I just replaced the door speakers with the powerbass speakers which I think is earlier in this thread. Also swapped the a pillers out for a new set with tweeters pointing out to the cabin. The same ones that would come with a B&O system. Was fairly cheap and what a difference just...