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  1. Tire cut or delaminating?

    They had around 41,000 miles on them. A shame, but I was due a change anyway. I completely agree, I enjoyed the AT2’s with very few - if any - complaints for sure, but I actually ended up going with some Toyo, Open Country A/T 3’s - the 50 miles or so that I’ve driven in them I’ve very much...
  2. Tire cut or delaminating?

    Circa 41,000 - they are the tires my truck came with, I believe I was down to around 4-5/32 on tread.
  3. Tire cut or delaminating?

    A strange one for me as I say, I really racking my brain as to how it came about? Still, agree on the tire condition and as soon as I noticed it I put the spare on the get me to where I need to go. Now to go through tire choice decisions, where I’m head deep into various thread about it all haha.
  4. Tire cut or delaminating?

    Hi, all. A strange one, does this look like a cut from something to you or the tire delaminating from your perspective? Fortune would have it that I was planning to replace the tires at some point this year so no great loss there as such, but curious as to thoughts from others or if you’ve...
  5. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Hi - my first post, with a request if you will please. I would like to double check my FDRS modules are up to date (I believe I did it all correct?) and to double check my OTA updates are all current (at least current with my modules?) thank you in advance. 1FTFW1ED3MFC50443