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  1. Mysterious windshield feature

    I think so too! Extremely odd that there would be a windshield available for it but no wiring or part to go there
  2. "Vehicle Unblocked" pop up message?

    I've got a theory that it is part of the overall update functionality that is getting improperly triggered during downloads. Probably the same for the phantom update notifications.
  3. Mysterious windshield feature

    I'm tempted at this point to call a dealership parts dept and ask them to look up that base part number
  4. Mysterious windshield feature

    So close, yet still so far! At this point I'm thinking it must be a deleted feature given that they've removed it from the related parts list
  5. Mysterious windshield feature

    Nope, that’s also in the camera mounted dead c thats what I’m starting to think too. Maybe a deleted option for factory installed dashcam
  6. Mysterious windshield feature

    Also a good guess. That feature is integrated in to the center windshield camera though
  7. Mysterious windshield feature

    That’s dead center of the windshield.
  8. Mysterious windshield feature

    Auto dimming is built in to the mirror, garage door opener is in the driver’s sun visor. This one really has me stumped lol.
  9. Mysterious windshield feature

    That was also my initial thought, but this is further to the right. This photo shows what I mean
  10. Mysterious windshield feature

    That module is in the overhead console.
  11. Mysterious windshield feature

    Stealing this from Facebook because it's driving me nuts trying to figure it out. Owner posted asking what is supposed to go here on his 2023 Lariat. All I can find is that it appears to be windshield part number ML3Z1503100H /J/F/G. Any thoughts?
  12. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    If it was my truck I’d FDRS it too 🤣 I keep mine fairly up to date. This is someone I’m trying to help remotely
  13. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thank you! What is the suggested path forward? Let it try again or FDRS intervention?
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Someone mind running 1FTFW1E86MKE51022 on PTS to check OTA status please?
  15. 2021 F150 Advanced Security Pack

    You'll need to turn it on yourself with Forscan. It is highly unlikely the dealership has someone with Forscan and will do this. Super easy to do and what needs to be done is listed in this thread.
  16. Aftermarket Dashcam recommendation

    I strongly recommend the Viofo A229 Pro. One of the best image sensors on the market currently, especially for the price. Also can do up to three channels (front, rear, interior) which is a huge plus.
  17. OEM tires wore out pretty quick

    25-30k miles is pretty typical for factory tires anymore. I agree with the others, alignment is clearly off. An alignment is something that the dealer techs won't recommend until after the warranty or service contract expires, you have to specifically ask for it.
  18. Headliner rattle with pano moonroof

    Here’s your video! Recorded in 4K so if you give it some time to process you’ll have a crystal clear video.
  19. Headliner rattle with pano moonroof

    If you’re near Jacksonville Florida I’ll even help you fix it
  20. Headliner rattle with pano moonroof

    It’ll either be tomorrow or this weekend, but I’ll take a video and do my best to explain what I did.