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  1. Replacing the 12v battery

    Voltage is only an indication of battery health if it is used when a load is applied to the battery. Every failed battery I have replaced over the years would show 12 volts with a meter but could not produce 12 volts with a load as with a starter motor or provide enough voltage for glow plugs.
  2. Recent Cruise Control "update" is a safety hazard - how do you submit feedback to Ford?

    On multiple occasions when another vehicle was in the departure lane and slowing down the speed on my truck would drop by more than 25 mph and luckily I was not hit by a following driver. I stopped using cruise control entirely if there are other vehicles on the road.
  3. Changing settings with Forscan for new H7 battery and get checksum error

    I found a second reference for the codes for the H7 battery that was XXX-1E1E-XXXX and this codes created the same bad checksum error as the other codes but the Write appeared to be successful. My concern is that the BMS with a setting for a 70 Ah H6 battery would not charge as fully as with a...
  4. My 2021 Limited Powerboost Bought Back by Ford Because It Is Unrepairable

    Something to be said for leasing a truck where it costs less to turn it back in at the dealer. If there are no issues the cost to buying out the lease is usually a better deal than trading it in on a new truck.
  5. F-150 vs. 2022 Chevrolet Silverado

    My 2022 F-150 would not be drivable without the 360 cameras. I use the cameras every time I pull into a parking space and that includes the driveway at my house. No such issues with my super duty GM truck. Also no battery drain issues or recalls that kept the truck parked with the Chevy for more...
  6. F-150 vs. new Tundra

    I have been checking the Ram forums and the issues with 21-24 model years is minor compared to Ford's F-150. Only issue with the Ram is their etorque drive unit which when if fails is going to be expensive to replace. I am still ticked off that Ford sold me a truck for $65,000 with the full...
  7. Tow mode vs normal

    The question to answer is what Ford considers a "heavy load". With GM it is defined as a load that exceeds 75% of the GCWR of the tow vehicle which is not ambiguous and so is useful. I have used engine braking but it is by no stretch of the imagination as useful on a downgrade as an exhaust...
  8. New battery; H7 or H8?

    A lithium phosphate battery needs to be charged with a device that has a specific charging profile for this type of battery. My RVs had such chargers but this is not something you will find in a pickup truck. This type of battery is difficult to charge in cold weather and cannot be charged at...
  9. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    MSRP is a fictional number. It is the true net cost to the dealer that counts and this needs to reflect discounts and rebates and incentives from the factory.
  10. Changing settings with Forscan for new H7 battery and get checksum error

    This is what I did and got the error message shown. I am using the current version of Forscan with a 2022 F-150.
  11. Changing settings with Forscan for new H7 battery and get checksum error

    I tried entering the string for the first block and then doing a Write and got back this message so one does need the codes for both segments of 726-04-01 to change the battery from a H6 to a H7 with Forscan.
  12. Changing settings with Forscan for new H7 battery and get checksum error

    Whenever a UPC code is scanned or a credit card is read there is a checksum generated to indicate that all the digits were collected correctly. When a checksum fails it indicates a bad value. I cannot tell if this is a problem with the Forscan software and so can be ignored by the user.
  13. Changing settings with Forscan for new H7 battery and get checksum error

    I found a reference to changing 726-04-01 from 01XX to 02XX for the first block but nothing as to what to change the second block or set of numbers to not get a Checksum error message in Forscan. What am I doing wrong or missing? Thanks
  14. Replacing the 12v battery

    So having to buy a device and a battery pack to provide power to the computer is a feature? So you are saying that Ford could use static memory for the settings but can't be bothered to do so. I use Fordscan and a laptop and a special USB connector so I can save my settings to the laptop...
  15. Factory battery ongoing issues

    Bottom-line the electrical demand of the truck's systems is too great for the capacity of the battery that Ford provides with its gas trucks. The XLT and lower trim levels get a H6 battery and the Limited and above get a H7 battery and the law enforcement vehicles get a H8 battery as standard...
  16. Question for jack stands on driveway

    When working on dirt or gravel I used jack stands that had a sold metal plate between the 3 legs. Now I use a pair of truck ramps that support 12,000 lbs in total. They cost me $50 in 2013.
  17. F-150 vs. new Tundra

    The only functional criticism of the Tundra expressed was the step to get up in the bed. These steps are marginal for going back to the ground from the bed and a key reason I bought the F-150. Had I known at the time that it would take 15 months for Ford to provide a replacement wiper motor...
  18. 12V battery State of Change (SOC)

    I have had trucks that used 6-volt batteries and many dozens of vehicles with 12-volt batteries, including a 2011 GM diesel and a Chevy 2018 full size SUV. Now in 2024 my 2022 vehicle has a fragile charging system and battery setup and a BMS that is supposed to correct the engineering...
  19. How to calculate diminished value after accident?

    I would consider hiring an attorney to handle your claim. What it costs to repair the truck and to rent a truck in the interim is the bare minimum to get. But the laws vary between states as to your rights or lack of rights. Another approach is to get the valuation from an auto auction house...
  20. 12V battery State of Change (SOC)

    We have a tendency to blindly accept that the Ford programmers priorities are our own and that they know how to do what is needed. The reality is obviously quite different. With my RVs I used sophisticated chargers that had multiple charge profiles designed for each type of battery with...