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  1. Keep Getting The Same Update

    I have been notified three times of the install of 23-PU0813-DOR-UP2
  2. 3/yr BlueCruise

    Ford, you are better to sell more for less than less for more, and the latter is more profitable. Says a very rich businessman one day to his staff......................
  3. SiriusXM Issue

    I am not sure of the verbiage but you can contact SiriusXM and have them send a refresh code to your truck. That is what I have had to do. Just a thought.
  4. 3/yr BlueCruise

    Can you use Ford Pass points and if you can, how many to pay for it?
  5. What is your experience with Blue Cruise?

    I enjoyed it and used it every day I could. If they would push the newest version, I would renew it. Fredm2002
  6. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Please reference my vin # 1FTFW1ED9MFA85630 I have been stuck on the download and install of 6.3. I replaced the main battery, have a battery tender plugged in, properly. This morning on my way back to school after an extended illness that there was an update to install and not drive the...
  7. Got update last night

    I have been stuck on 6.3 with four failed attempts to get it downloaded and installed. Congrats on your OTA!!!
  8. Putco Freedom Blade 60" Tailgate Light Bar Now Available

    I got a Putco light bar, not that fancy but the one just below that off of Putco. The one I got is the same one you can buy from Ford Accessories. They took that off.
  9. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    I am curious about my battery. It is now a shade over 3-years old and updates fail to complete in the download process. Any guidance would be appreciated. 1FTFW1ED9MFA85630
  10. Win a Vehicle Laptop Mount! Share Your Workday Stories!

    DM Sent!!! Thanks so much. I appreciate the opportunity!! Fredm2002
  11. New Tires: Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac RT

    I have had these tires since fall, and in our first major winter storm, they are a great tire on my 2021 PB.
  12. Win a Vehicle Laptop Mount! Share Your Workday Stories!

    I would love this. I work in a school that has four buildings in two towns, and I would be able to go to buildings, then in my truck, write up the observations and share notes with staff, etc. It would be a real win-win. Fredm2002
  13. 2021 - 2023 Reliability?

    I have a 2021 with 56500 miles. We drive it everywhere and love it. No problems, except for a few recalls, and some OTA issues but I am ok with that at the moment. I also bought a six-year 125,000 extended warranty so I am good to go.
  14. Merry Christmas to all

    The same to all of you!!! Safe Travels, and enjoy the time with family and friends!!!
  15. Undercover Swing Case and soft folding tonneau compatibility?

    While I don't have a roll cover now, I have in the past. They had no impact on each other.
  16. Bedrug installed.

    Looks awesome, well done!!
  17. What Does This Mean? 6.3.0 OTA

    I have gotten this message for several days now. Does this mean that the install and/or the download has failed? Thanks Fredm2002