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  1. F-450 80 MPH with no driver

    Either they found a way to override the eye tracker or they moved from the monitored eye position in a very short time period. Still not a good look.
  2. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    I purchased an extended bumper to bumper warranty which I believe lasts until 160ish-k miles. Then my dealership provides a lifetime powertrain warranty. As long as most work stays warranty work I’ll most likely have this truck a couple decades. So rough math based off my current mileage, close...
  3. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    Luckily you’re basically describing the ram pro charger. It’ll be interesting to see how well that does
  4. Poll: Powerboost Fuel Efficiency

    We are going to have vastly different numbers based off use case. When I’m going to and from work easily 23-25mpg. When I’m towing a trailer, hauling our slide in camper, or using the truck as a generator (all fairly often occurrences) then well below 23. Life of the truck is 20.6, and I use...
  5. VDM module SUSPENSION PROGRAMMING: making the ride FIRM in Normal mode.....

    so did you just change the “02EE” and leave the “020D” the same? Or did you change a different value?
  6. VDM module SUSPENSION PROGRAMMING: making the ride FIRM in Normal mode.....

    is that 990 just for the front? Or did you adjust the rear as well?
  7. ESP Coverage on Powerboost Hybrid Components

    My dealer offered lifetime powertrain warranty, but in the fine print it doesn’t cover the hybrid portion of the powertrain. It will be interesting to see how these fair over 100k, but at least the tiny battery isn’t too expensive.
  8. Best Dealer to Order 2024 F150

    If you are planning on keeping the truck for awhile, find a dealer that offers lifetime powertrain warranty.
  9. Purchasing Used - Dealer Won't Provide Maintenance History

    If the dealership is this difficult to deal with to give them money, they will be a nightmare when you need something from them. Walk.
  10. 3.5L EB vs. Supercharged V8

    yeah I really wish someone would come out with a hybrid turbo. Keep tq similar but let her breath up top.
  11. Rental Ram Limited

    It will be very interesting to see how the new hurricane and ramcharger do.

    100%. Anyone who has ever left the powerboost in generator mode at night knows how bright this console is even at the lowest setting. Stuffing a jacket or towel to hide the gauge cluster helps, but a 1 button click solution would be super helpful.
  13. 4A vs 4H Snow driving

    this. 4A works well for variable road conditions or low speed turning to reduce binding. 4H works well when the road surface is constant. Slippery is nice for PB since it reduced regen braking and focuses more on the mechanical brakes for abs. Also helps to reduce/slow throttle input to reduce...
  14. Payload comparison

    I have a suspicion that ford includes most components of the HDPP with the powerboost which provides the additional 900ish capacity, but for legal reasons they don’t advertise those numbers through payload ratings.
  15. Is this CCD suspension???

    tried once, but it shuts off drive mode capability. This time of year I switch between sport, tow, normal, and slippery regularly.
  16. Is this CCD suspension???

    I have ccd. It makes the truck feel too soft and floaty, and doesn’t play well with airbags. Wish I didn’t click that box, but it is what it is. now if @Ford Motor Company would allow us to manually select what settings we want like the raptor then the sport suspension setting of the CCD with...
  17. Do you REALLY NEED 4×4?

    I’d say yes. Having almost 600lbft of torque with the powerboost causes even moderate throttle applications to spin the back tires, exponentially worse in rain and loose terrain. Honestly the AWD function of the lariat trim and above is 100% worth the upgrade. I understand it’s an apples to...
  18. Found Tube under intercooler disconnected on new F150 Lariat HEV

    Unplugged the system runs vent to atmosphere and makes a very satisfying sound when the blow off valve opens during lift off throttle while in boost. Popular eco boost mod for more sound. Most people put a plug into the recirculation side. Can reconnect if you don’t want the extra pizzaz.
  19. Heated steering wheel not very hot?

    I suspect there is a safety feature from overheat. Initially turning it on my steering wheel gets almost too hot for 10-15 minutes then starts reducing in heat. If you turn it off and on again it goes back to kick wang mode.