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  1. Little air dam for rear wheels

    I took off the rear air dam before it could be hit by something and create more damage than they are worth. Anyone seen anything out there to "cap off" the screw holes left there?
  2. Dash Camera reviews /options

    Please forgive my inability to find one if it's here, I searched dash camera and did not find many mentions of it? I'm looking for one and know there's probably a wealth of experience to tap into here. I think I want one with front and rear facing camera. What are the best out in the market? And...
  3. Trailer Hitch specs

    I have the 3.5L EB Supercrew 4x4 Lariat w/the max tow package. Bought before I knew a single thing about actually towing a travel trailer (I only know a little more than that now lol) , but I knew I needed more truck than the 2016 2.7L that I traded in. As I believe I have learned, the 13,000#...
  4. Automatically revert back to normal screen/instrument mode after phone call?

    Is it possible to set the phone up so I can just make or receive a call and when I hang up just go back to the normal screen/instrument mode or look. It is annoying to have to go thru 7 button choices just to make a call and go back to "my view". One bonus question if I may, anyone know how to...
  5. UnderCover Swing Case Storage System

    I have the 3.5L EB SC with the 5.5 bed, and went with the BAK X4s roll up as opposed to the Retrax because of the semi permanent forfeiture of all that realestate in the bed. Putting my son's 250 motorcycle in there would be trouble. I also have the 2kw power so don't have the luxury of any real...
  6. I Feel Like A Rebel. How to take white & yellow stickers off sunshade visors?

    I want to live on the edge and take the white & yellow stickers (billboards) off my sunshades. Anyone know a feasible way to do that? Or will the cure be worse than the disease?
  7. USB Uselessness?

    So after 800 and something break in miles I finally managed to take my new baby on a road trip for some serious time in the saddle. A quick run to Vegas, about 275 mi. each way. Imagine my disappointment when starting thru the desert with 250+ songs on my USB drive only to discover that the car...