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  1. Cluster staying on when truck is off in flat tow mode

    So I have a 22 PB. I flat towed my truck behind a truck a few months ago from Michigan to Denver. When I got to Denver I found the truck dead. Was quite a job to get it back up and going. Fast forward to today. Got another truck I’m taking from Michigan to ky. So I hooked everything up tonight...
  2. Can’t shift from park using pro power

    Ok brain trust. As much as I know about this truck I’ve got something driving me nuts. Had to tow a family members car today. Batt was dead so I thought I’d charge it up with my charger while bringing it back. Plugged into bed outlet and turned on the generator. Truck absolutely will not come...
  3. Connecting 2 phones

    I’ve searched and don’t see any threads. We got an update awhile back talking about being able to have 2 phones connected at the same time. So scenario is my iPhone connected with CarPlay and wife’s phone connected with Bluetooth. In my wife’s 22 equinox we can do that so I assumed when we got...
  4. Help with cluster bezel part number

    So I have a 22 XLT sport and I’ve obtained a 12” digital cluster what I’m having an issue with is finding the proper part number for the bezel that will match my interior. Any help would be appreciated. And I am scouring eBay and so far no joy. I’m attaching a picture it that helps. TIA
  5. Does anyone have these katzskins installed?

    Figured I’d ask the brain trust here and see if anyone has these leather katzskins installed. I’m debating getting these as opposed to just black leather in my 22 XLT PB. If you do please post a couple of pictures. I’d like to see it actually installed. TIA
  6. FDRS and Forscan programming

    Good morning all. So I live in mid Michigan. (Between Flint and Lansing) I’m thinking about getting FDRS for the year and wondered if there are peeps around this area maybe maybe stretching into northern Ohio/Indiana and Canada who would like to do FDRS updates and forscan changes but either are...