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  1. New F150 Owner Here !!

    Nice truck. You will love the 5L
  2. 5.0 Badges

    I had this made up.
  3. The Best F150 Running Boards

    I’m very impressed with the stock running boards on my Tremor. Anti-slip surface is a bonus.
  4. 2024 Information - Colors, Options, What Do You Know?

    I like my β€˜23 Tremor much better. Usually you regret buying before changes but not this time.
  5. New member here

    Welcome aboard! I’m fairly new here myself (β€˜23 5L Tremor) It’s a great forum. Nice truck by the way, enjoy!
  6. AVALANCHE F-150 (2021+) Club

    Picked up my β€˜23 5.0L Tremor about a month ago. I was expecting a 6 month wait after ordering in March. It took 47 days! This thing is a hoot to drive. Love it!!!
  7. Final date for 2023 orders

    I ordered my Tremor on May 4th and it was delivered in 47 days. I was very surprised especially since I am north of the 49th parallel!
  8. New Guy From Ontario Canada

    I got a 401A pkg. I’m not a fan of the seats in the 402. 5L, sliding rear window, b&o, built in nav, 360 camera, work surface and a few others that will come to me as soon as I post this, lol.
  9. New Guy From Ontario Canada

    North of Bowmanville
  10. New Guy From Ontario Canada

    Hello All! looks like a great forum. just picked up my 2023 5.0L Tremor. I was expecting 6 months or so to receive. It only took 47 days from the day I ordered to being delivered. Crazy really.