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  1. Gas pedal clicking noise (3.5L Powerboost V6)

    Has anyone had this issue with their powerboost? A clicking noise when slightly pressing the gas pedal. It just started happening about 13k miles on my truck. The gremlins with this truck is exhausting.
  2. Power boost ev to gas pull

    Took my daughter to school this morning and noticed it didn’t go into ev mode at all. After dropping her off it would go into ev mode but when it went from ev mode to gas there’s a tug every time. It’s a very noticable tug or pull. And I can hear the battery or something winding. Like a whistle...
  3. Fluttering noise

    Just bought a power boost and wanted to see if anyone else has been experiencing this. There’s like a wind fluttering noise coming from the driver side door area. Happens around 65 mph and above. Can’t seem to find anything and it’s annoying.