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  1. Welp! It's gone.

    I tried to love my Rattler. I really did. The power, comfort, roominess and ride were all great. But, I didn't like driving it. It seemed overly large and was a PITA maneuvering in parking lots, garages, the city, not to mention off road. I also didn't care for the sync/infotainment system...
  2. Disable "Nanny" Warnings - Forscan?

    Me too. Sometimes my warning chime goes off for no apparent reason. At times I'm sorry I bought this truck. "Check back seat", seriously? My 2021 Gladiator had none of it. I don't know anything about Forscan but I have turned off everything I possibly could in the menu system.
  3. 21 Platinum scuff-mark on tail light

    Plastic polish will probably clean that up. Many years ago some squadron mates put a scratch in a very expensive aircraft canopy. They used toothpaste to try and rub it out.
  4. 3.5L PowerBoost USPS Lost Oil Samples

    I've had a couple lost by USPS when they were in the original shipping container. Now I put the container in a small box, print out a label using Pirate Ship and drop it off at the PO. In fact Blackstone Labs just got one from me yesterday.
  5. PID experimenting

    Hmm, something else I didn't know I needed. I've been playing with Torque Pro for years with several different vehicles. Now I think I need an OBDLink.
  6. 5L vs 3.5L?

    When I decided I wanted an F150 I looked for a 5.0L FX4 with 5.5' bed. I really wanted the V8. There were none to be had within 250 miles in a configuration even close to what I wanted. I ended up in a Rattler with the 3.5L EB. I am not disappointed. Awesome power and torque. Gets great...
  7. Come crawling back. Need advice

    Interesting. I traded my Gladiator in on a F-150 Rattler in March. I enjoy the power, smoothness and roominess of the F-150 but miss my Jeep. It was a much better off road vehicle. But then I didn't have to haul a family around and will admit Jeeps are not great family vehicles. In your...
  8. 2.7L EcoBoost NAPA Gold (WIX) 100050 Filter for 2.7L Ecoboost

    Napa Gold are good filters. I would use them in anything I own. That reminds me, about time to pick up a filter for my F-150. Use with confidence.
  9. oil change & ramps

    I haven't used my ramps on the F150 yet because it has a leveling kit but I would think it would be fine. I use them on other vehicles around here. Something else to consider is a Fumoto Valve. Makes life much easier.
  10. I'm really getting sick and tired of this..

    Got to agree the nanny crap is getting old. Last month I was off road in the desert and came to a washed out part of the road. To turn around I had to back over some sagebrush. Truck kept slamming on the brakes and wouldn't let me do it. I finally figured out how to turn that off but what a...
  11. GPS factory nav question

    As I recall, mine kept track of where I was. I had a map and that was it. I had let my 6 month trial expire. I had thought the navigation would still be usable, just not update maps, have road conditions, etc. I discovered when planning a road trip the navigation was useless. You can't...
  12. Ford Performance Tremor Skid Plate Kit install... Done!

    It's black plastic. Since it matched my bumper I left it alone.
  13. Ford Performance Tremor Skid Plate Kit install... Done!

    I didn't see anything in the directions that indicate it wouldn't. I attached a copy of the directions so you can take a look.
  14. Dirty inside bed. Does Ford tailgate seal help keep dirt / dust out?

    Yes, I have had the same issue. Other than a tailgate seal I don't think there is much that can be done. It was pretty bad on my Frontier Pro-4X. I would generally fold it up or remove the tonneau cover if I was heading off road for a day. I'll probably do the same with this F-150.
  15. Ford Performance Tremor Skid Plate Kit install... Done!

    I keep track of my mileage with Fuelly so I should be able to see a down trend. My current mileage would be a couple of MPG better but I've been hauling a small travel trailer pretty regular this summer.
  16. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    It took me most of a day but I'm an old guy that took lots of breaks and went slow to make sure I didn't screw anything up. I posted in the Exterior Mods forum with a little more detail; https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/ford-performance-tremor-skid-plate-kit-install-done.20178/
  17. GPS factory nav question

    Mine does that when I go off road. Gives you the compass and breadcrumbs. Got to say I'm very underwhelmed by Fords Nav. Especially since they charge $80 a year for the privilege of using it. I have a Garmin Overlander that is much more capable, plus it does Topo navigation also.
  18. Ford Performance Tremor Skid Plate Kit install... Done!

    Seems to me a Job 1 frame could be modified to work with a drill and Dremel tool.
  19. Adjusting headlights after leveling kit

    I did it on my 2023 Rattler after installing the Ford Performance leveling kit. I went to the rear of a shopping center and parked the truck 25' away from the wall. Level ground. Measured from the ground to the center of the headlight. Put a piece of tape horizontally on the wall from the...