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  1. Possible windshield leak?

    Oddly- I have this same issue. 2018 F-150 Lariat Supercrew. (Dearborn build) Haven't found the source either. Now I keep a two containers of moisture absorbing pellets in the back seat area to cut down on the musty smell.
  2. How to approach transmission problem at service dept

    Probably not trading at the dealer. Despite sales tax savings by trading it in, the dealer is offering $5,000 less than I can get for private party.
  3. For all of us waiting for our truck Ford should at least give free Blue Cruise and Sirius

    I agree. Communication is aweful and to say it's an after thought would be too kind. Ordered and paid deposit 40 days ago and have yet to receive one email or letter from Ford. Not a thank you or "here's what you can expect." In this world where a million things go wrong with orders, I'm left...
  4. How to approach transmission problem at service dept

    Thank you. Any chance that at least part of this cost is covered by Ford? After all, I did have it looked at around 15,000 miles but all they did was refer the module. I don't want to put $4,000 into this repair just to turn around and sell it in three months which is my plan since I have a 24...
  5. How to approach transmission problem at service dept

    Hi all - I suspect my transmission may be on its way out. 2018 3.5 eco 66,000 miles. For the past year I've been paying attention to hard shifts and jerking when in 7th and 4th gear. A week ago, passing through 2nd gear I lost power for 4ish seconds - behaved like I was in neutral. From what...
  6. Left Behind: The Pro Access Tailgate Holdouts

    Same for me. They didn't reach out to me either. My order with G was a week before yours or so. It's ok with me as I don't want 63X so I'm assuming I'm good to go and will have me truck sometime after orders for MY25 are being placed. :)
  7. Latest 2024 F-150 Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (2/19/24)

    Can you translate that BAP line in the report for me. I'm not familiar with this report. What is it saying from a demand supply perspective? I have a BAP Lariat that I'm waiting for a build date on. Coming anytime soon?
  8. Under Invoice - west coast

    Wonderful. Thank you!
  9. Under Invoice - west coast

    The great thing is I'm newly retired and have time on my hands to fill. :)
  10. Under Invoice - west coast

    Doesn't adding $1,800 for shipping negate the discounted purchase price?
  11. Under Invoice - west coast

    I'm familiar with a few dealerships in mid US that do straight forward 3% under invoice on new builds. Any dealerships on the west coast that do this easy ordering and pricing?