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  1. 2024 rear blocks removed for reverse level look?

    There are other threads here on that subject. Not sure why you want the squat look especially on a brand new truck but it is your truck. You can look for a reduction in gas mileage and a difference in driving and towing capacity. Don't forget to re aim your headlights. If not it will force me...
  2. Failed Cat Converter

    I have the same issue. Waiting for a diagnostic appointment on the 30th of May. Has it stands I have a permanent p0430 code
  3. Is slight shaking / shuddering normal when the gas engine starts from a stop?

    Yup. normal for mine. Regular ICE start and stop does the same thing. Drive it and enjoy.
  4. Eclipse killed my screen.

    Never forget that you are driving a computer on wheels and as such it comes with all of the computer quirks.
  5. TFL Truck: The Problem with Lifted Trucks That NOBODY Is Talking About...

    Maybe I am just used to pulling a light loaded trailer (less than 5000 lbs) all the time and my braking, turning, and driving speed and habits fall into place when I hook up. So to me that is not towing. I don't see a beneficial reason for adding lifts bigger that 2" on a $50,00 plus truck. If...
  6. TFL Truck: The Problem with Lifted Trucks That NOBODY Is Talking About...

    Towing a bass boat is not actually towing. More like pulling since there is no actual to weight speak of there. Most pickups lifted or not can handle the weights encountered with light loads like yours. To me towing is when you get above 5000 lbs plus the trailer.
  7. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    No my truck is not leveled yet. My tires weigh in at 45.4 lbs apiece. That and driving conditions and style could be making the difference. I seldom do over 70 and stay out of boost as much as possible.
  8. Any good experiences from PowerBoost owners

    2023 Lariat FX4 15,401 miles and no issues so far. It is a computer with wheels so expect to have issues with software and such just like any other computer. This is a complicated machine and subject to all the other things that can happen to a machine. I think many people buy a vehicle and...
  9. Running ICE only in Powerboost?

    The ICE runs when it needs to and doesn't when it doesn't need to. Simple....
  10. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    Hand calculated last 5 fillups was between 23.9 and 24.5. I have gotten 17.8 when I first bought it. This was a trip to South Dakota ( 3,200 miles) with an average speed of 80 and running around hunting. Best I have ever gotten was 28.3 on a 14 mile trip to town. My gas mileage improved as the...
  11. Horrible MPG?

    I am assuming that you have a clean air filter and given that, I would have someone check it out.
  12. Horrible MPG?

    Questions to ponder. Was the tire circumference reprogramed into the truck? (would effect actual speed and thus mileage reflected on the odometer.) What is your driving speed? What is your air pressure in the tires? How many miles are on the truck? All of these effect gas mileage.
  13. 2023 f150 5.0 engine noise , is it normal ?

    Totally normal 5.0 sound. They all click or clack. I have owned three of them and have friends who also own them. Some with over 170,000 miles. All of them make noise.
  14. NHTSA Safety Recall (23V-896) on 113,000 F-150 Trucks with Trailer Tow Max Duty Package

    Recalls have nothing to do with warranty and are fixed for free.
  15. 2022 Lariat cargo light wiring harness parts

  16. Do you REALLY NEED 4×4?

    You only need 4WD when you need 4WD. Other wise all you need is 2WD
  17. 2022 Lariat cargo light wiring harness parts

    Thanks a bunch. Will try it tomorrow.
  18. 2022 Lariat cargo light wiring harness parts

    Which FORscan changes did you make? I have the same truck and the bed parts but just need to program.