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  1. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Pro power is perfect. Have crock pot and air fryer going.
  2. Chip hold My22 & My23

    They did. An 85k Denali ultimate won't have Supercruise. That's worse than Ford things.
  3. Chip hold My22 & My23

    Could be wrong but I doubt you have temp badges with an 8/9 blend date.
  4. 8/15/2022 Build Week

    Good sign. I got my 720s in the morning and then 7E4s around lunch time and was shipped by 3 pm. Good luck.
  5. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    I took off the Goodyear right away. I have Nitto Ridge Grapplers now.
  6. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Sorry, last pic guys. Can't believe we haven't seen more movement. Btw my truck came with Goodyear Wrangler Territory HT tires and not Hankook.
  7. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    That's crazy. I'm from Marion, in Charleston now. Parents Beach house in North Myrtle. Mine was only at the Cayce yard for maybe 8 hours before moving to the final yard at Dixiana 6 miles away. That's where Hansen & Adkins auto transport and lot is. You can see it on Google maps.
  8. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Sorry guys. Hope you see movement soon. Was driving mine to work yesterday and threw powertrain code, limp mode no electrical driving. Read all on both forums about any issues. Got home this morning and after a brief nap went out to look at wastegate or check auxiliary battery. Opened hood to...
  9. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Been busy today. Tint Wed.
  10. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    About to take it to the house. They are filling up with gas now. I'll post more pics when I add stuff.
  11. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Didn't get before vacation but it worked out since sales guy put on tires, level puck and uv line-x. All paperwork is done and everything went smooth, kept word on 18k trade, x-plan, etc. I'll post more when I get everything else on Monday! Hasn't been cleaned yet. Keep the faith fellas!
  12. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    I'll have to do tires and level puck next week and finishing touches. I'll snap a few pics when I can. It looks amazing. Huge upgrade from my 12'. Even better is my step-dad needs new tires on his Platinum so is buying mine. *BTW no one declined or accepted my ford pass activation from the...
  13. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    She's here! Was about to leave for vacation. Trying to run get now.
  14. Chip hold My22 & My23

    It's here! Going to try to get before vacation!
  15. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Waiting for transport truck to deliver to dealership. Hoping tomorrow because I leave for vacation Tuesday. Just bought nitto ridge grapplers yesterday for when it arrives. It's off the railcar at an auto transport storage because the railcar states empty now and moving again elsewhere.
  16. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Sorry man. I know how frustrating it is to watch other guys and trucks pass you by when you ordered so long ago. Hopefully you see movement very soon. I have gotten lucky with shipping so far. *BTW do you have a preference on which truck you want?
  17. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Truck is in Columbia. Going to contact sales guy this morning to see how long it normally takes a transport truck to get and deliver the last hour & half ride.
  18. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Truck left Georgia otw to Columbia, SC at 3 am. Wonder if it can get the last hour & half ride to the dealership before Tuesday.
  19. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Might take a day or two. Ford Chat gave both.
  20. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    I got a vehi-ship convoy # but that was just to the rail yard. I then got a rail car # to track.