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  1. What does it mean when your truck is active in my Fordpass ?

    Mine has been active for 6 weeks now. Truck is still in production
  2. 01/31/2022 Build Week Club

    I was told by my salesperson that produced and built are not the same. A truck can be "produced" and still be missing chips, parts, etc. A truck that is "built" is complete and ready to ship.
  3. 01/31/2022 Build Week Club

    Tracker still shows 3/2 for my ETA Cannot activate the vehicle in FordPass yet
  4. 01/31/2022 Build Week Club

    Are all of those 25 trucks that are with UR show their status as "shipped" in the Ford tracker?
  5. 01/31/2022 Build Week Club

    Has the tracker updated for you yet or does it still show "in production"?
  6. 01/31/2022 Build Week Club

    My PCE modules went active today. 801a Raptor blend date of 2/4 and went into production on 1/27 Window sticker shows it currently as truck 133/432 where previously it was1950/2393. Hopefully this is a sign of things moving along
  7. Top speed for '21 Powerboost

    Raptors that do not have the 37" package also are governed at 120
  8. Pro Trailer Back Up Cable and Sensor missing from 22s?

    My 21 Lariat came with the sensors. Nov delivery
  9. Take delivery of my 21 or wait for my 22 order?

    Have you considered taking the 21 and trading it towards the 22 when it comes in? The way the market has been, there's a good chance you won't lose money on the 21.
  10. Any dealer have a raptor for msrp in stock?

    I would be utterly shocked if there were even one anywhere in this country setting on a lot at MSPR.
  11. 10/4 Build Week Club

    I get to pick up my Lariat tomorrow. 29 weeks after order placed.
  12. Who supplies the VIN?

    I got mine from my dealer about a week after I ordered. I've heard you can contact Ford Performance with your order number and dealer code and they can provide it, but I'm not certain as I had mine before I contacted them.
  13. Who ordered a 2022 F150 already?

    801a Raptor ordered on 10/1
  14. Kansas City plant are they up and running

    What's up with your running lights?
  15. 10/4 Build Week Club

    Yes, mine is a KC build
  16. 10/4 Build Week Club

    Mine was scheduled to Build Date of 10/6. Looks like they're running ahead a little..
  17. 2021 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (10/4) for Build Week 11/22

    Because that's when they intend to build it?? On 10/4 they will be scheduling previously clean unscheduled builds. Likely for KC plant since they'll be building MY21's into December.
  18. Differences between 3.5 and 3.5 HO

    Are there any physical differences between the standard 3.5EB and the High Output version found in the Raptor, or is the power difference from tuning changes only? -edit- besides the exhaust, I realize that is different.