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  1. Powertrain malfunction/reduced power

    I first noticed the problem earlier this month when the truck wouldn't go into electric mode and the Powertrain Malfunction warning appeared. The problem then went away so I ignored it, but it came back again accompanied with Remote Features Disabled and so I decided to take it to my dealer. He...
  2. How to Update Speed Limit Data

    Yeah, it must have been a glitch in ECO mode back then. Its working OK now, although I still get the occasional glitch with resetting custom gage configs and rogue parking brake operation on start-up. However I'm still having issues with false detection of off-ramp speed limits. By now I'm...
  3. BlueCruise Stats as of 7/28/22 -- 10.6M miles logged, used by 66.5K customers, OTA updated to 15K customers, 130K miles of Blue Zones coverage

    How does a person know if their F150 is Blue Cruise capable? What should I look for on the window sticker. I have 502A and FORD CO-PILOT360 ASSIST 2.0. Is this all I need?
  4. International Boundary Message

    No it happens while the truck is sitting at home - not travelling.
  5. International Boundary Message

    Two times now, since I took delivery of my Powerboost in May, I have gotten the following message on the Instrument panel "You have crossed an International Boundary do you want to change Units". Both times it happened when I first got into the truck in the morning. I'm in Calgary...
  6. First week with my Powerboost

    Sorry that was in Canadian gallons. In US gallons it's 23 and 21 respectively.
  7. First week with my Powerboost

    I've done 2800 miles on mine and driving gently I'm getting about 28 in the city and 26 on the highway (on flat terrain, no headwind and not exceeding 70). I don't see a significant difference in Eco mode.
  8. Powerboost Fuse Tap

    Got these from Amazon. Worked just fine to install Dashcam in my Powerboost.
  9. Speed Limit Assist is Annoying

    On my 2022 Powerboost with Copilot360 Assist 2.0 the speed limit assist definitely is disabled in Eco Mode. Works only in Normal mode.
  10. Speed Limit Assist is Annoying

    You can also use ECO Mode because it seems the speed limit assist is disabled in that mode.
  11. How to Update Speed Limit Data

    I noticed that speed limit assist is disabled in ECO Mode. So you could try that instead of NORMAL Mode.
  12. How to Update Speed Limit Data

    Frank, you are correct. The camera did pick up a yellow advisory speed sign just at the entrance to an off ramp, which I hadn't noticed before. Funny thing is that I found other off ramp speed signs are not detected, so its not consistent. I also confirmed the camera does pick up temporary speed...
  13. How to Update Speed Limit Data

    Ok. Thanks for the input. I'll check it out next time I drive the highway.
  14. How to Update Speed Limit Data

    I have 502A with Copilot360. And Speed Sign recognition is set to ON.
  15. Speed Limit Assist is Annoying

    One thing I have noticed is that, although the breaking and accelerating is a little harsher than if I were doing it manually, the Eco Display still shows 99% for accel and decel when the speed control is operating.
  16. How to Update Speed Limit Data

    No, there is no obvious 80km/h sign in the area. I have so far seen no evidence that my truck is reading signs with camera since it ignores temporary speed signs in construction zones even though the signs used are identical to permanent signs. So I'm thinking it is using a database.
  17. How to Update Speed Limit Data

    There is a section of Highway 2 near High River, south of Calgary, that always reverts my cruise control to 80km/h even though the posted limit is obviously 110km/h. This is super annoying. What can be done to rectify it?
  18. Instrument Panel Reverts to Default

    Ok. Sounds reasonable. But how do you know when an OTA update has happened?