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  1. Borla Pro CD Muffler Anyone?

    Has anyone tried this on a 5.0L - gen 14 with C.D. ? Per you tube on 5.0L it’s has a good tone. Similar to my ear, to a Tremor Split Exhaust. Borla rep told me it was between a Touring and Sport cat back sound. I am about to order the Touring CB but wanted to check on this. Make it a great day!
  2. New 2023 faulty rear taillight lens seal already at 3k miles - pics attached - frustrating

    I purchased a brand new F-150, STX, Super Crew ,4x4 , 5.0L - $50k + truck and already have to bring it back. C’mon Ford for $50k + let’s get it together I have a business to run also ( my time) and didn’t buy brand new to have additional maintenance. Drivers side taillight seal - fogged out...
  3. Mufflers & CatBacks Systems That Have Been Proven To Work By Members Here With Cylinder Deactivation (not what dosnt work)

    What muffler swaps and/or cat back systems are you pleased with, in regards to cylinder deactivation, still using normal mode, (no tuners to eliminate C.D. please) which you have put 1K miles on and would do it again? Please keep it simple - no muffler deletes with resonator. No resonator...