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  1. RSi SmartCap Camper Shell installed on 2021 F-150

    Sorry to bring up an old thread but I was wondering how you went about getting the third brake light to work. Mine came with a t harness but no luck getting the light to come on
  2. Electric blanket issues when plugged into the truck

    Not sure what the deal is with a new electric blanket I got for a camping trip. It's fine when plugged into the wall but no heat when plugged into the truck. The controller for the blanket turns on and I can set it to high, but no heat to the blanket, which is 100w. Might just be the blanket but...
  3. Paint bubble in flatbed, do I care?

    I gave it a very close inspection a couple times now and that is the only defect I found. I also had a ceramic coat put on and I know they would have called anything else out because I told them to look for any corrections that need to be done, which they charge to fix. They did not coat or go...
  4. Paint bubble in flatbed, do I care?

    Thanks everyone, I'll be able to sleep tonight
  5. Paint bubble in flatbed, do I care?

    Just picked up a new 22 powerboost and a week or two later found a paint bubble in the flatbed. Dealer said it's warranty and can do it mid Feb, will have the truck for a week. My bedrug was just delivered and I'm eager to get a topper as well. The only thing I'm really worried about is the...
  6. 2022 Power Boost Intercooler Upgrade

    Hey is the placement on these the same as stock? I am looking into a hidden winch mount and they seem to require a new off-road intercooler that opens up some room for high clearance bumpers (or in my case, a winch mount). I was looking at SVC intercooler but they are pretty spendy.
  7. Powerboost - no electric mode when driving

    I'm starting to see 20, so things are improving. Can't wait to see how it drives with better gas. I've read that using cruise control is not efficient, so yours might improve without using that. I'll be getting a Rush cold air intake soon, hoping to squeeze out a couple more MPGs
  8. Powerboost - no electric mode when driving

    Thanks for the reply, it seems better for now. I'm still just on my first tank but getting closer to 20 mpg. I'm excited to put some premium fuel in, if it still seems poor I'll get in touch.
  9. Powerboost - no electric mode when driving

    That's great to hear, thanks!
  10. Powerboost - no electric mode when driving

    Hey what ever happened with this? I just picked up my 501a Powerboost and am not impressed with the MGP. I'm still on my first tank of gas from the dealer and its possible they put in lower octane, but my trips are getting between 14-15.5 MPG so I'd be surprised if it made that much of a...
  11. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Denver today?
  12. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Hair dryer and fingernail. Get it warm, not too hot to touch, start working a corner then peel it off slowly
  13. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Disregard, very easy. Already done
  14. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Any suggestions on the best way to do that?
  15. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Congrats! Are you leaving the FX4 sticker on? I was thinking about taking it off, and one of the first things my wife said when she saw the truck was she didn't like it... so I guess that's settled
  16. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    No it's short... I was kinda regretting that decision right up until I attempted my first u-turn lol
  17. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Arrived and fits!
  18. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Your can get railcar number from Ford chat support, they'll give you the latest update then you can search the thread for methods on how to contact each carrier to track it... Or just keep bugging the Ford chat folks
  19. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Yea I mean your truck will be fine and it might be clear by Friday, just not sure what your comfort level would be should it snow while going over Vail pass or up near the tunnel.
  20. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Have you checked the weather? Pretty sure the mountains are supposed to get a bunch snow this week. I might consider taking the southern route thru NM.