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  1. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    Deck Lumber Work Truck Mode
  2. A Vote for the 5.0

    The reason I bought my 2023 F-150 ( new) after driving-testing GM & Ram had a lot to do with the 5.0L ( also preferred the interior) I have always had GM or Ford Trucks over decades. My last was a 2018 GMC. I prefer small blocks Currently the 5.0 is the best, by a large margin small block...
  3. Muffler recommendations

    Original Thread Author - Per Borla Rep Email regarding muffler Please let me know if you buy one. Not sure the size needed. Copy-Paste —-> The ProXS option offers a sound level that can be described as between Touring and S-Type. However, it is not designed to be tuned for any vehicle in...
  4. Hankook Dynapro AT2 has anyone used these in winter?

    Mine from my purchased new 2023 F-150 Dynapro AT2 w) F-150 Tread show 6 ply I have only used them for 15k but appreciate a durable tire. Recent Priors I liked my Mich. Defenders. This remind me of. However they do tend to slip - spin more on wet asphalt from stop
  5. Thoughts on cat backs. Sound over function? Any before and after dynos?

    “”This point, the only thing you're getting from a cat back is sound. If so, buying a 600 or 2000 dollar exhaust is just throwing good money away.”” Yep - 100% Some (many) just want sound rather than performance - personally loud vehicles with no more HP annoy the crap out of me. My grown ...
  6. CARBONIZED GRAY F-150 (2021+) Club

    Mine Likes Inshore SaltWater Fishing & Camping When Its Not Working.......... Just Like Me
  7. Borla Pro CD Muffler Anyone?

    Title Typo - BORLA PRO XS MUFFLER / C.D. ANYONE ? Just the muffler not the cat back systems
  8. Borla Pro CD Muffler Anyone?

    Has anyone tried this on a 5.0L - gen 14 with C.D. ? Per you tube on 5.0L it’s has a good tone. Similar to my ear, to a Tremor Split Exhaust. Borla rep told me it was between a Touring and Sport cat back sound. I am about to order the Touring CB but wanted to check on this. Make it a great day!
  9. Exhaust sound improvement / mod for 2023 5.0 F-150?

    I checked out the link. My thought is - loud! - not a tuned sound like a Borla cat back - to tacky for your nice 22 F-150 and very likely will amplify the CD. Personally, I would pass.......
  10. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    20.2 average @ about 15k 2023 STX, Super Crew - I live in the suburbs of Richmond Va. Combo City / Highway. Normal Mode - with some punch'in the coyote now and then thrown in for fun. Dont trailer currently but I definately haul building materials in the bed 4 -6 times a month. If I am not...
  11. Removed Active Air Dam From my F-150 - DIY Writeup

    *This has been an excellent thread to read through. Kudos to MX4 for starting this along with awesome pics, hoe too. * The air dam removal, front valance trim etc. are appreciated and leaves food for thought. * The leveled builds with plates look awesome! * For myself a real estate fix n flip...
  12. Installed Roush exhaust on my 5.0 (added sound clip videos)

    Now that you have had this installed for moths how is the C.D. With this system? Thanks!
  13. 20 MPG Club

    Just crossed 5k on my 2023, Screw, 3.31 stock Ford Dynapro tires , dence suburbs, no trips yet and my average mileage from start has just climbed above 20 MPG. Typically drive in Normal mode with some Sport thrown in. I am not light footed off the light. Do not tow but I do haul. I am...
  14. Additional technical information on gen 4 5.0L V8?

    Interesting Thread ~ Thanks To All Make it a great day!
  15. New 2023 faulty rear taillight lens seal already at 3k miles - pics attached - frustrating

    I purchased a brand new F-150, STX, Super Crew ,4x4 , 5.0L - $50k + truck and already have to bring it back. C’mon Ford for $50k + let’s get it together I have a business to run also ( my time) and didn’t buy brand new to have additional maintenance. Drivers side taillight seal - fogged out...
  16. Mufflers & CatBacks Systems That Have Been Proven To Work By Members Here With Cylinder Deactivation (not what dosnt work)

    After purchasing a brand new, 2023 F-150, 5.0L , Super Crew 4x4 with 100 miles on it in early August 2023 - After putting 2000 miles on the stock exhaust, allowing it to burn in , I have decided the Stock Exhaust has a Nice Rumble When I want it, and ZERO C.D. Issues unlike most all other cat...
  17. Don't go off road with factory Ford 20's. They can't take it.

    780 In fairness to your original point the spokes on those wheels DO kick out beyond the outer bead then back Which is not great for off pavement nor urban curbs - though it looks cool Perhaps it may help prevent sidewalk tear but at the expense of the wheel. Most of your wheel scrapes are...
  18. Don't go off road with factory Ford 20's. They can't take it.

    Painted Wheels - black painted aluminum shows up more . Mild off pavement like that 20” had nothing to do with it. Horsing it through the mud doesn’t help ;) The old off-road motto “ as slow as possible - as fast as necessary “ comes to mind on your mud puddle photo.
  19. Having issues with Borla S-Type

    Did you ever get this issue resolved? To Others - same CD issues with Borla Tour? Thanks