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  1. Whipple Stage 1

    Anyone install it? A forum search let me down a rabbit hole of lack of info. I'm thinking about it. Also, can you download the stock tune on another device? Any warranty issues with ford? Noticeable enough increase in HP/TQ?
  2. 2023 Raptor Active Park Assist

    Sorry, but my search yielded some older forums and Forscan answers but I'm hopeful I'm just missing something. I just got my raptor a few weeks ago; and when i push the active park assist it just says "navigate to parking" Do I need to activate anything or do something to get the active park...
  3. Maybe buying tomorrow

    Hi everyone, I had a 2021 XLT SCrew for a while. Fast forward to today and I have a wrangler and a C8 Corvette. The Corvette is a blast, but it’s missing the soul of old sports cars I used to have. I’m looking for a fun every day family hauler and I stumbled across a GEN 3 raptor with all the...
  4. I have a PowerBoost engine cover on my EcoBoost

    Hello! I have a 2021 XLT 3.5 ecoboost. I opened the hood to change the oil and noticed a power boost engine cover. Anyone else have this phenomenon?? I never even noticed before. Thanks !
  5. Reverse braking assist inoperative

    Hello! Just took delivery of a 2021 F150 and it has the “reverse braking assist not available” so I consulted the manual and drove backward on a straight road and nothing. Anyone else solve it? I know it was an issue with explorers too. I have to go to the dealer on Tuesday for some we owe...