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  1. Change in object close and open door chimes… was there an update?

    That sounds similar to what I experienced. Although now today there were no door chimes and the backup alert was back to “normal”. Weird!!
  2. Change in object close and open door chimes… was there an update?

    I noticed in the last couple of days that the door open chime and the chime when backing up and an object is close had changed. I checked the software update and there hasn’t been an update since April. I also didn’t see anything posted here. The chime(s) are quite annoying compared to what...
  3. Engine light on and off

    Noticed a couple days ago the engine light came on after starting, was on for a day or so then went off. Then came back on yesterday for a day and now is off again. Last week it seemed it was clunking through some shifts but seems to have stopped. Not sure if related to that. Also notice in...
  4. Interior dog covers/mats

    Thanks everyone for the ideas. I do already have the factory rubber mats throughout the truck which works well with the messy dogs. Just getting concerned with the paws on the window frame. Already seeing indents from when they hold on tight. Then there is the jumping from back to front and...
  5. Interior dog covers/mats

    Hello, Looking for suggestions from fellow F150 dog owners on options for dog covers for interior. Things to cover area such as the window frame to protect it when the dogs try to put there head in the window or covers for center console and/or seats. Being able to fold up the back seats is...
  6. Steering wheel patch

    I assume this is not a thing covered under the new car warranty also?
  7. Steering wheel patch

    Not downstate but something I can look into.
  8. Steering wheel patch

    I inadvertently put a slice in the leather of the steering wheel on my F150. Can’t believe how pissed I was. Looking for suggestions on how to repair or atleast patch it to prevent it from tearing more. My wife suggested clear nail polish. See photos attached.
  9. Eco Mode vs/ Normal Mode?

    Ah ok, so it’s not built in. Not losing my mind then.
  10. Eco Mode vs/ Normal Mode?

    Where can you find the battery charge %? I can’t seem to find it.
  11. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    I’ve had my ‘22 PB for about 7 weeks. I’m averaging about 25 MPG over the 2k miles I’ve driven. My weekday trips are about 70/30 highway/non-highway. I’m heading on my first “long” trip next weekend for vacation, which will be about 150 miles, mostly highway. Of course it will also be packed...
  12. Removing factory installed tri-fold tonneau cover

    I am having a hard time removing the tonneau cover that I order with my custom order F-150. I can't get the clamps near the back loosened up to take it off. Have a trip coming up and the cover even folded up will be in the way potentially so I just want to take it off. It's the tri-fold style...
  13. First week with my Powerboost

    I’ve had mine about a month now, and yes I get the “clunk”. Have you experienced the engine idling after a cold start and/or coming to a stop shortly thereafter? This is my biggest area of concern currently. Although others posted that this is normal. Seems to happen following the previous...
  14. 2.7L V6 vs. V6 Hybrid

    Im getting about 25 MPG In my ‘22 PB. Put about 1k miles on it so far. I was getting 19.5-20.5 with my explorer that I had before this. So the 4-5 MPG thus far has been nice.
  15. Engine revving while stopped after cold start

    The catalytic converter temp makes sense but wouldn’t that be something that happens everytime it started needing to get to temp? Like I said it’s not something that happens everytime. Seems to be after short car off periods. I’ll try to pay attention more to if it happens if i let it warmup...
  16. Engine revving while stopped after cold start

    Ok will check that out. Just nervous when it does it sometimes and not others.
  17. Engine revving while stopped after cold start

    What’s the benefits of it? Does it prevent what I’m asking about?
  18. Engine revving while stopped after cold start

    Just checked… ECO idle is not turned on.
  19. Engine revving while stopped after cold start

    I don’t know if this is common of the Hybrid as I’ve only had mine for two weeks but I wanted to see if anyone has insight. It seems following cold starts, if I come to a stop shortly after pulling out such as a stop sign or red light the engine doesn’t go into electric and you hear the engine...
  20. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    My first tank I got 23.8 MPG with my 302A XLT Powerboost. The dealer said it ran a while around the lot while they were prepping it so probably could have been a little higher. See how tank 2 goes.