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  1. My F-150 ownership was short lived

    78.9" is what Ford says
  2. My F-150 ownership was short lived

    Also 4 x 4
  3. My F-150 ownership was short lived

    You have to special order it which is what I did on my 2022 Lariat. I also ordered it with Moon Roof, Locking Axle, Sport Pkg, Twin Turbo V6, Bed Utility Pkg, Super Crew in Atlas Blue
  4. 2023 F150 Lariat packaging question

    I have a 2022 Lariat 501A and it came with LED headlights. I don't have front sensors, I believe those are part of a specific package I obviously didn't order
  5. Still having OTA updates and sync 4 probs.

    Hello Jesse, could you check mine too for updates. I have the 3.5.2 and am at Sync Version 4.0.22012. My vin is 1FTFW1E88NFB63691 I had it at the dealer but they didn't seem to update it and I'm not getting OTA updates. If you could also send me the updates for usb that would be awesome. I...