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  1. No power after 4k RPM, whine. With video!

    Just tonight with my wife in the truck, I gave 'er the beans, nothing crazy. It hit 4k, a pervasive whine, with no more power as I pressed. I was able to replicate this 3 times, all at the same RPM. No CEL, no traction control light, nothing. I tried in in 4HI as well, same thing. On the last...
  2. Diode dynamics Elite Max headlights and fog light issues

    Preordered Black Friday of LAST YEAR. Got them this week and decided to install them today, what a fucking mess. I was really hoping after 5 months of delays they would be good to go! Driver fog DRL won’t illuminate white, but does the amber start up dance. Passenger DRL won’t illuminate...
  3. 2023 F-150 RCSB with ~3" Lift and Skinny 35" Tires

    Most guys with the RCSB are slammin' them and going forced induction- i might go S/C some day but In the interest of going offroading I lifted mine. I took a different approach than most here, going with the skinniest 35's i could find and with a modest lift. I couldn't really get an idea off...
  4. Oregon 2023 FX4 17” wheels and tires.

    3k miles, no rash or burn outs. Factory TPMS intact. 17x7.5 et 44, tires are Pirelli scorpion ATR’s 265/70/17. Oem lug nuts included. I’m 20 minutes west of Portland. You can have the spare for free for asking price. $1000