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  1. Canadian costs for Extended Warranty?

    I did not, but see what Kanuck said above.
  2. RV Camera Monitor mounting options

    I made an update to my little setup and in true canadian fashion, hockey pucks were used to help raise where the suction cups mounted.
  3. I'm DONE with OTA updates !

    I have been working with the folks over on the fordpass app chat for the last month, I have invested a lot of my time working with them trying different things from home. The last 2 updates I received wipe out myview selected options and wipe out my radio presets (funny enough, one of those...
  4. Aquarium help?

    You would be definitely better off maybe taking a look thru redit or other aquarium forums, they may have some good recommendations on meds. Sorry not much help, I switched over to marine about 25yrs ago and have not looked back. Sadly only running a 100g and 20g right now where as at my last...
  5. Door squeak

    Check the door seals, especially the bottom one. I had same noise, cleaned all seals and hit them with 3 in 1 RV Slide Out silicone
  6. NHTSA Safety Recall (23V-896) on 113,000 F-150 Trucks with Trailer Tow Max Duty Package

    Heard a rattle at slow speed last night, today I swapped out winters and sure enough, passenger side bolt fell on the ground. Talked to dealership, 2 weeks to get in for them to look at. Camping season is just around the corner, hope this doesn't hamper the trips planned starting on 18th.
  7. RV Camera Monitor mounting options

    This is what I came up with for less than $40 in parts from Ali. It has worked very well for past couple seasons, actually just pulled it out to finally give it a paint job. Going to paint the wood with plastidip.
  8. Android Auto and Prompt Volume

    What navigation app are you using? If you are using waze, it's under settings then voice and sound and adjust guidance volume.
  9. Ontario car insurance?

    We are with ThePersonal through a corporate plan. I know a lot of factors go into premium. We have been paying $1100/yr, full coverage, full replacement value, primary and 2 occasional drivers (one being 18). Last ticket was 20+ yrs ago, no claims. Renew in June and have heard that a lot of...
  10. SecureAlert back on?

    My understanding was that securealert was removed early last year and was going to be rebranded as a paid subscription, but I could be wrong.
  11. SecureAlert back on?

    Last night I received a pop up from FordPass. I don't see the securealert back in the app and appears to be the latest update.
  12. Ford Power-Up Priority Update 23-PU0110-RAD-PS

    Presets "fix" to something I never had an issue before and now all my presets are gone.
  13. Camp Stove

    When traveling with our trailer we use a Blackstone 22". When trying to pack a little lighter and car/truck camping we use a weber q1200, on this I did switch out one of the grills for a griddle (available on amazon). Planning on doing a 5 day hike this summer so did picked up a FireMaple...
  14. Truck Cap vs. bed cover

    Yes that was another option I've looked at. Wouldn't get much for current cap so hard to justify selling off what I have and go with that nice cap.
  15. Truck Cap vs. bed cover

    My first truck and went with cap for the additional space. We have trekked across Canada and slept in the back as well. Even with the cap still went with LineX a d bedrug. Have recently waffle on selling cap and going with cover in order to mount a rtt, but going to stick with cap for now and...
  16. FordPass Connectivity Failure

    Sat on a chat for an hour last week after receiving an update and no longer was able to remote start or lock vehicle via fordpass. The fix was to log out of fordpass and go out to truck and turn off all connectivity, exit vehicle, lock truck, wait 5 minutes. Go back in and turn back on the...
  17. Trip planners for fuel stops? (Towing mileage concern.)

    For any of our longer trips we use the CAA website for planning. We do that for trips with and without trailer. Not sure if AAA has the same. Think it was call triptik. GasBuddy is also pretty good with planning the trip with gas stops.
  18. Show us what your F-150 tows

    Camper, sleds and water craft. Next up, looking for a low profile 5x8 enclosed to convert to mini camper and put our smittybilt xl on top of.
  19. Prep for winter, busy weekend

    I put the snows on factory wheels and bought aftermarket for summer tires.