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  1. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    I just replaced my stock OEM's with the Falken Wildpeak AT4 several days ago. My use case is recreational camping, overlanding, part time nomading, and everyday driving. About 5% of the life of the tire will see off-roading. Since I had very good luck (only two simple repairable flats of 2000...
  2. Rain solutions ? I'm using a 12x10 canopy off the tailgate cooking area. I like Kelty products too.

    I have one but it takes too much room for part time Nomading for my liking. I'm using a tarp and tying it to trees, the truck, or trekking poles. A simple tarp has many uses and using it for camping is one of them. Love the pictures and your adventurous spirit.
  3. Custom Built Adventure Package

    Thanks! My inspiration for this was tons and tons of YouTube videos of people doing this in cars and vans. I couldn't find one single video of anyone doing this on a pickup. My very 1st truck was a 1976 F100 with 8' bed. It had a cap and bed platform. If I had a longer bed than 5 1/2, a...
  4. Custom Built Adventure Package

    I'm using a Dometic 55IM fridge. It wasn't cheap, but since I bought a lot of stuff the year before at REI it was a lot cheaper. I also use a cheap microwave and just recently replaced my dual propane burner cooktop with a single induction cooktop that is not effected by wind when I cook and...
  5. Custom Built Adventure Package

    It's just a simple 3/4" OSB platform with six 2x4 legs equally spread across 3/4 of the length of the platform. The legs in the front are 8" tall and the other 4 legs in the middle are 6 1/2 inch tall. Since the bed platform lies flush on the truck's floor next to the car jack no legs at the...
  6. Custom Built Adventure Package

    Thanks. I'm happy with the mattress height this gives me.
  7. Custom Built Adventure Package

    I made custom window coverings for all 6 windows. They have reflectix on one side and matt blank vinyl on the other side. Especially on the East Coast I sometimes have to use rest areas that are too public.
  8. Custom Built Adventure Package

    Yes. A rear belt monitor fault Service Required message on the dash that I have to press the okay button to clear. Also, get the SRS icon light that will stay on, but it isn't annoying. Not a single chime..that's a plus!
  9. Custom Built Adventure Package

    Yep. Dash to rear wall is much much longer than side to side. This mattress is 75" in length.
  10. Custom Built Adventure Package

    Getting ready for a solo multi month cross country road trip to visit National Parks and hiking. Was thinking about a roof top tent, but this fits my needs better. Removed passenger side front and rear seats. Built a platform bed Cut a twin size 6 inch memory foam mattress to width
  11. Will this sleep idea cause safety issues?

    Funny story. I have a Military Lifetime pass, but guess what. I couldn't get 50% off camping even when I showed them my Military lifetime pass and drivers license that showed I was over 62 years old. I then purchased a lifetime senior pass to get 1/2 price camping. It didn't make sense to...
  12. Will this sleep idea cause safety issues?

    A quick update. Seats removed. Now when I start the truck I have to press the okay button to acknowledge that there is a rear belt monitor fault and service is required. The dash also shows a lit icon in the tachometer portion of the screen and a ? mark for seat belts. Once I press the okay...
  13. Will this sleep idea cause safety issues?

    It's amazing how versatile the supercrew can be. There is a lot of space inside. I've slept inside the truck in the rear seat area for over 50 nights since 2021, but I would have slept better if I could stretch out more comfortably. If my measurements of the cab are correct I'll have about...
  14. Will this sleep idea cause safety issues?

    Thanks for the attachment and advice...that is great info.
  15. Will this sleep idea cause safety issues?

    I want to remove my passenger front seat and also the small passenger rear seat in my 2021 F-150 supercrew, put in a wood platform bed and memory foam mattress, and sleep inside the vehicle for a couple months while I travel the USA. 1. Will the safety systems still work for the other seat...
  16. Trusting the owners manual is a bad idea?

    Just changed my spark plugs for for my build 2 2021 Powerboost. The owners manual provides only a part number for a tapered seat spark plug used on earlier 2021 trucks, but my 2021 truck was built using a gasket seat spark plug with different motorcraft part number. Trying to order motorcraft...
  17. 2024 Platinum Uncamouflaged

    Compared to 2021-2023 Platinums - Tail gate looks much better - I like the clean look. - The grill looks great. Not a comparison to earlier Gen 14's... just my opinion on badging in general. -Ford should remove the Platinum badging on the hood. It shouldn't be in your face just like it...
  18. My baby got beat the f*#% up

    That video is friggin awesome!
  19. Ford owners prefer factory infotainment over Android Auto

    Fake news in my opinion. I need Android Auto to connect to Spotify for free. I need Android Auto to connect to Tunein for free. I need Android Auto to connect to Googlemaps for free. I need Android Auto to connect to Gaia GPS I need Android Auto to connect to WAZE for free I need Android...
  20. BZZZZZZZZZRRRTTT!!! The sound I hear when I shut the truck off or use the gear selector.

    I had a sound like that started about a month or so ago, but in the last week or so I haven't experienced it. It happened to me when using Android Auto and my Samsung S23 Ultra. More specifically, it was when the Sync 4 display tried showing the camera view or if you manually tried to display...