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  1. 2021 hybrid transmission problems?

    Transmission cooler leak is becoming a known issue for this model. mine is in the shop Since Aug 6th. here is what My dealer has shared with me. “Good afternoon, we replaced the transmission cooler for the leak and upon remopval we found another leak from the transmission. The leak is coming...
  2. Refrigerant Oil or Coolant Leak

    My main leak is the transmission coolant leaking and they are also replacing the whole unit. I won’t be taking it back until the transmission gets a service because it was doing some crazy shifting (like from 8 to 3) with big swings in rpms and jolting jumps of the truck. Trying not to freak out...
  3. Refrigerant Oil or Coolant Leak

    Same issue for me, happened after a tow and camping trip. About 3 hour trip one way. No major highways but lots of up and down. Major issues with fuel consumption while towing and issues with jumpy shifting between 5 and 8. On our return we noticed the leak while cleaning it up. In the shop now...
  4. 10/31 Club

    Congrat, finally a date revision for you. I hope your ship date comes as fast as mine did
  5. 4/26 Build Week

    Yeah I love the tow mirror upgrade. Not a blind spot in sight
  6. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Fraser Ford in Whitby got 3 more XLTs on Friday. Saw them drive in on transport when I picked up my build
  7. 4/26 Build Week

    Some pics of my build. Was going to post in LeadFoot forum but that one is offline. Graduated from the 10/31 club to the 7/31 club but within days after that 6/29 it was shipped and at the dealer on July 4th. and ready for pickup July 8th. while I was picking it up yesterday at the dealer, 3...
  8. 10/31 Club

    Yes, you right this situation is far from over. my comment was specifically in reference to “off Topic type” posts. I took possession of my truck yesterday and now start the process of setting up the trailer package, apps, feature, etc. while I was at the dealership (Friday afternoon) three...
  9. 10/31 Club

    Well might as well delete this thread. Off the rails. And the club is getting smaller by the day. I get my truck on Friday.
  10. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Sweet, we go camping in three weeks up to pog lake in Algonquin for 2 weeks. Learning as much as I can before I pick it up on Friday. Ford pass app locked and loaded and on Ford.ca all my info is there now too.
  11. Order picture looks different than order?

    Mine has arrived at the dealer! Sweet
  12. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Whoo hooo. Truck is in! I tell you February orders to May builds are going to be combing fast. Once my ETA changed from 10/31 to 7/31 it was shipped on 6/29 and at the dealer today
  13. March 22 Build Week

    Cool, mine was released on the 28th and the only truck my dealer has had updated and shipped in 3 weeks. They have 2 trucks on their lot. I think you will see change on July 6th. I am just glad I squeaked across the border before the long weekend
  14. March 22 Build Week

    Update shipped 06/29 july 2 dealer called to tell me truck is now in Brampton, Ontario! all good.
  15. 10/31 Club

    It will show up before posted dates, dealer called me again today and said it will be at dealership next week after being shipped on the 29th. Today it shows it in Brampton on Canadian side so might be in it and driveing it home buy next Friday. Went from 10/31 to 07/31 to shipped 6/29 all this...
  16. Shopping For a new Lariat. Advice on options

    My Lariat build. Shipped on the 29th of June, in transit. Stocked. not sure which items listed are part of a package but these are the details. We camp and I tow a work trailer, so focused my build on that. as a renovator, nothing beats Ford as a work truck in my opinion. No way am I interested...
  17. 10/31 Club

    Yes, news release is new production cuts. Ours are built and will be coming slowly but surely
  18. 10/31 Club

    And we can expect new order delays. Ford announced today more bad news for July production being reduced by more then half for half a dozen plants across the US here is the release...
  19. 10/31 Club

    as I thought, got a call from dealer. My truck has shipped! YES!
  20. LEAD FOOT F-150 (2021+) Club

    I think you get trim stripping here is a pic of my lariat sport Lead foot interior from this site. zoom in to see seat lines.