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  1. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Since I haven't run the wires for the seat heater/cooler yet, and I was tired of mismatched seats, I swapped out my driver's seat. From the factory: Passenger seat and center console replaced: Driver's seat mismatched with a Tremor seat I swear I was gonna wire up: Driver's seat now with...
  2. Incorrect MPG being reported?

    Mine was 12.5% off. Engineer mode works even if you don't have a start button - just enter the truck, push and hold OK for 5 seconds (do not let go), insert the key, turn it to accessory mode, and once your dash finishes booting, it should say Engineer mode. Safe to release the OK button at that...
  3. How big is your garage?

    From the inside of my garage door to the back wall is, if I recall correctly, 240". Your average 14th gen F150 is 232". My RCSB is 210" - the main reason I got it. The back wall of the garage behind my truck is also the door that leads into the house, so the extra 30" is enough room to sneak...
  4. Incorrect MPG being reported?

    I've now got over a thousand miles on my new truck, and a few fill-ups, so I'm confident: My truck's reported MPG is wrong. I'm averaging 14-15MPG in reality, whereas the truck seems to think I'm at 17-18MPG. Is there a way to calibrate the gauge?
  5. Wireless Sync Disconnects In the Same Spot Daily Now?

    If you're willing to put forth the effort, most cellular providers have a department that handles interference. I know when I worked with Verizon Wireless that there was a way to send someone out with a truck and some fancy spectrum analyzers to track down the source of the dead spot. (They were...
  6. Regular cab vs crew cab, ride quality

    Unsure. I don't see "LT" on the tire before the size, but I also don't see "P", so I don't know. Pirelli Scorpion ATR, 265/70R17 115T M+S A stiffer sidewall due to being light truck tires would certainly contribute to the harsher ride.
  7. Wireless Sync Disconnects In the Same Spot Daily Now?

    I've got the same problem at a certain stoplight on the way to work. My wife loses internet on her phone there, and CarPlay disconnects from my phone.
  8. Regular cab vs crew cab, ride quality

    I've got the opposite opinion. My truck rides harsh. Real harsh. It feels about the same as my buddy's lifted square body. My cousin's husband has a 13th gen SuperCab which is significantly nicer to ride around in. My '09 Ram 1500 ST was much nicer, too. This truck just feels every minor bump in...
  9. Shipping recommendations?

    I used the shipping company Granger recommended to me - Fisher Shipping. It was a middle-man (and added a few hundred to the cost) but I'd probably do the same again. They were responsive, gave accurate info, and provided regular updates. All in all, it was a positive experience. Granger just...
  10. Dash cam recommendations?

    It's a snippet from the video. Camera is set to record in 4K - I just can't screenshot in 4K because my monitor doesn't have enough vertical estate - So I played the video in 1:1 ratio and Win+Shift+S, then dragged a box around the part of the screen which showed the license plate. I agree...
  11. Where is connector C265?

    That makes much more sense. Thanks. (Also, it's tomorrow - Verify the shared power strategy of the DSM!)
  12. Where is connector C265?

    Like this?
  13. Where is connector C265?

    I wonder why the Helm manual shows different numbers from the Workshop manual .pdf? Did the wire gauge change depending on options? It doesn't matter to me - I don't have Fuse38 in my BCMC, so I can't use pin 22 regardless.
  14. Where is connector C265?

    Dunno. I think it's 402. (Posted a pic in the previous post) Heated/cooled w/ DSM, adjustable tilt headrests. Power recline/forward/back, inflatable lumbar.
  15. Where is connector C265?

    Tremor seats.
  16. Where is connector C265?

    "But I don't have snow plow or rear seats. I'm sure it..." Nope, it's there. Awesome! I might steal that circuit for heated seats instead of tying in to the driver's seat power circuit like I was going to. Still gonna need terminals. Advice?
  17. Where is connector C265?

    Let's assume that Ford just changed their wiring colors and didn't update the documentation. We'll also assume Ford ran a wire from Fuse 31 to C265-21 (Male side). I need to run a wire from C265-21 (Female side) to my passenger seat in order to provide it with power. The female side of my...
  18. Where is connector C265?

    Hah! Yeah, right. I'd have to remove the BCM just to get my oversized phone at a decent angle. I really need to pick up a fiber scope one of these days. I did take a bunch of pics when I had it apart a few hours back using a mirror, and it looks like the only 14AWG connector I'm missing is pin...
  19. Where is connector C265?

    Damn. I didn't want to hear that. The manual shows very different colors for each wire. For example, the Brown-Green one in the top-left of my picture? That's pin 25 - supposed to be Violet-Red. In fact, the only Brown-Green wire on this connector is supposed to be pin 59, which is 22AWG. It's...
  20. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Added some easy-to-pin connectors to the passenger seat harness in preparation for a manual -> power seat conversion.