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  1. Disabling PB Fake Engine Noise

    Is the annoying reverse beep still there?
  2. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    holding up great and yes the power tailgate works fine
  3. Powerboost hybrid - showing fuel door open error message

    mine broke off months ago, dealership is pathetic and can't seem to fix anything...trying a new dealership
  4. I guess when they say "Built Ford Tough" they mean it

    That's the beauty of a truck, if you had an aftermarket real bumper probably would have only scratched the paint. Hope everyone was ok
  5. 400w 120v Bed Outlet doesn't power much

    You can plug in a phone charge or a radio. Not much more powerful. One of the reasons I opted for the powerboost.
  6. Clunk when engine kicks in

    I'm lucky as I just missed the windshield recall
  7. Clunk when engine kicks in

    Good to know I have an appointment in a few weeks to get mine looked at. Dealership is currently really backed up.
  8. Clunk when engine kicks in

    Mine has the clunk, started at about 2,000 miles
  9. Question is this engine done

    Wow that's a lot of metal...I'd definitely be concerned
  10. Wild Speculation: Chipping/Tuning the Powerboost Hybrid Engine.

    Yeah I wonder if an aftermarket might be available at some point. I wish the battery was about twice as big and I could select if I wanted full battery mode until it was drained.
  11. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    Well I sure wouldn't have them rest a bucket on them. IF you're really concerned it's not difficult to just remove the rails altogether for the trip. Might take 10-15 minutes.
  12. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    I would contact the manufacturer Truck Hero/ Bak Industries along with your seller. I think they will make it right.
  13. Electric F-150 Prototype Caught With Large Mach-E-Style Infotainment Screen

    I agreed...I like everything about my PB's 12 inch screen with the exception that I wish they had given us physical radio preset buttons.
  14. DFW area King Ranch

    Sonny hope you don't mind that I stole your hitch cover idea for my Smoked Quartz KR powerboost. I'm in Austin, Hook"em
  15. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    I have the exact same truck with nearly identical number of miles and I have the same response. Congrats on getting the best color ?
  16. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    I'm traveling but can measure Monday when I return from this trip.
  17. Installed Bedrug XLT Mat and Bed Extender

    Had the full liner in my previous F150 and liked it. My only complaint was it was difficult to remove the liner to hose it off. Otherwise a very slick look. I went with the mat only this time because it can be easily removed. My only nitpick with the mat is I wish the cutout went closer to...