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  1. Tampa, FL Dealership?

    I know there are several Ford Dealerships in the Tampa area. I’m moving to Ruskin in May and would like any recommendations on a good service department. Thanks
  2. Engine bay and hood underside are white on a silver painted truck?

    My 2018 Ruby red f150‘s engine bay was magma red colored.
  3. Question, To lend my truck or not

    I’m sorry but I’d tell him flat out no. That’s why they have car and truck rentals. Too big a risk, and it sounds like he’s taking his buddies with him so no telling what they’ll be doing.
  4. Any good experiences from PowerBoost owners

    2021 KR PB 34,000 miles. Except for a couple recalls, truck has been trouble free. Still have original 3 year old 12V battery.
  5. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    I do the same thing and my blades are 3 years old and still work good. It’s also good to wash the blades when you wash your truck.
  6. King Ranch Floor Mats - Suggestions?

    I have Husky liners in my KR and they are dark brown.
  7. Bought ‘23 Platinum PB with no sunroof

    If you plan on getting a 2024 KR, you’ll be disappointed because all King Ranch trucks come with a sun roof. That’s one option I could do without.
  8. 2021 - 2023 Reliability?

    2021 KR, 33400 miles. A few recalls that were corrected without a problem. Other than the recalls, it’s been perfect.
  9. Chip hold My22 & My23

    I curious to see if the 2024s are still missing some options.
  10. Can you use sheetz unleaded 88 in the 3.5

    The Sheetz gas station in my area is currently selling regular gas for 3.19 and e15 gas for 1.99. It’s almost never that cheap so they must have an excess supply.
  11. Extended warranty rental car

    Why not give us the name of the dealership? Who would believe when they said they have 60 vehicles in line to be looked at. That doesn’t sound like a very good appointment system.
  12. Ford drop-in bed liner warping

    I agree, clamp will hold it down.
  13. Perrelli Scorpion 275 55 20 tires. On my 2021 King Ranch

    I have 32,000 on mine and there’s still plenty of tread.
  14. Day Trip To NC Blue Ridge Parkway

    Just a few pictures of the fall colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday.
  15. Lets See Those Freshly Washed F150's

    A nice warm day to give my 2021 Smoked Quartz KR a good washing.
  16. Power went out

    Lunch time on a recent trip to Yellowstone. Thank you Powerboost.
  17. How long have you had your truck and how many miles so far?

    Bought March 2021 and now have a little over 31,000. I’ve traveled from NC to Atlanta GA 2 times, Florida 5 times, DC one time, and Yellowstone recently. My F150 KR is our travel vehicle.
  18. Lets See Those Freshly Washed F150's

    What brand bug shield do you have?