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  1. Greetings from Diode Dynamics LED Lighting Company!

    John, welcome! Now with all due respect, Diode Dynamics is not Apple or Tesla, you don’t need to tease us with half blurry pics of your upcoming products. Baja Designs and Rigit don’t do this to us!
  2. Moonroof 22 lariat wanted extra sunshade

    Nobody seems to mention when recommending moonroof tinting that many reputable installers are refusing to do our large moonroofs because they crack under extreme summer heat once tinted on the interior side.
  3. F150 Ford Tough - Koons Woodbridge Ford Offering Up To 5% Below Invoice

    If all goes well, i should get my Platy long bed powerboost delivered tomorrow morning. There is no doubt I am the oldest order in Dexter’s book. Ordered a 21 platy on Sep 22, 2021, converted to 22 eventually. i’ll report back tomorrow.
  4. Rake, Sag, Hauling, Leveling, Towing, Lowering Measurements

    I agree don’t level, raise front and compensate by adding a decent size block in the back. i leveled my Superduty with a 2.5 inch carli kit and boy did it look like one ugly fucker being perfect level. I added back a 2” rear block and it looks tall and good again with some mild rake. It looks...
  5. FordPass Rewards Points

    Thanks Ryan, this explains it well!
  6. FordPass Rewards Points

    So is that true that you only get 42,000 points with a purchase of F150? Strangely, a Superduty gets one 75,000 points right now.
  7. FordPass Rewards Points

    What is your experience with receiving Ford Pass Rewards point with a purchase of a new F150? Should i be expecting to receive them from Ford soon after my purchase?
  8. Price Protection - New Vehicle orders

    As moronic as the answer sounds - it depends on the dealer. Granger will tell you its OK to do, you will keep price protection of the original order date. Chapman will tell you doing that you will lose price protection - latest submitted DORA date is your latest price level. I also added...
  9. F150 Ford Tough - Koons Woodbridge Ford Offering Up To 5% Below Invoice

    This is exactly what’s wrong with Ford’s system. I placed an order on 9/22/2021 and still don’t have a build date. A properly working scheduling system would never schedule someone who placed an order on 4/7/2022 over someone else who placed their order on 9/22/2021 from the same dealer.
  10. Price Protection - New Vehicle orders

    Zach, any way you can do many of us on East Coast a favor and get Tom Borah on the phone to explain the policy. You once mentioned that you guys talk from time to time. As the previous poster stated, Chapman’s retail order team keep claiming that ANY updates to DORA after MSRP increases void...
  11. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Found it Post in thread 'Chapman Ford in Horsham now offering 4% under invoice on 2022 orders....' https://www.fordtremor.com/threads/chapman-ford-in-horsham-now-offering-4-under-invoice-on-2022-orders.8364/post-210892
  12. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    check that link i sent you on tremor forum. There was a guy i think who through ford marketing was able to apply first responder discount. I could be wrong though on details.
  13. F150 Ford Tough - Koons Woodbridge Ford Offering Up To 5% Below Invoice

    Thanks. Interesting that Ford is now scheduling outside of the regular Thursday morning window.
  14. F150 Ford Tough - Koons Woodbridge Ford Offering Up To 5% Below Invoice

    When did it get scheduled exactly? Date and time?
  15. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Crazy times Ralph! My SD tremor was supposed to be build this week but the Kentucky plant is closed until further notice. Everyone is struggling across the board now.
  16. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    @RalpL what is happening to build weeks after yours, are they too waiting on chips or are they building and shipping while you guys wait for your chips to be installed? I have not been following 150 situation that closely lately, wondering whats happening throughout.
  17. F150 Ford Tough - Koons Woodbridge Ford Offering Up To 5% Below Invoice

    @MonsterTrucker75 - i call your bullshit. You are the one who has been writing long essays on this thread for the past 2 months, spending bulk of your time directly or indirectly taking jabs at Dexter and Koons through various topics. And then you claim not to have 5 minutes of your time for a...
  18. F150 Ford Tough - Koons Woodbridge Ford Offering Up To 5% Below Invoice

    Guys, get off Dexter’s case. All this bashing lately is uncalled for. It is not his fault Ford hasn’t been scheduling orders for almost a month now. I too have an unscheduled order since Sep 2021. But so what? It aint Koons or Dexter’s fault- they don’t schedule, ford does. Instead of coming...
  19. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    @ralph, speedy recovery! The wait is bad but hospital shit is worse, stay out of it!
  20. Leadfoot Lariat with Cognito Level/Elka Suspension

    Are those methods 0 or plus 18 offset?