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  1. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    I stop after the first click.
  2. Google Maps not loading consistently..

    I have the same problem with Waze on android auto. I normally click to change screen and go back to Waze and the map is back
  3. Pro Power Upgrade - I May Have No Choice - Anybody?

    When I built and purchased mine I was debating if I should spend the extra $$ for the 7.2KW. So I did go ahead and went with it. I have no regret whatsoever, I did use it so many time. It is so convenient with power outage :)
  4. Anybody know which soft starter you guys use for your 7.2 kw?

    The 7.2KW also run my house but it won't run an air compressor. You need a soft starter. This is the only thing that I don't like about it.
  5. Transfer Switch Gameplan - Thoughts?

    I'm pretty sure you had a smile when you wrote that comment :) . But like in any other trades there are the good and the bad ones. Reading different comments about mechanicians, dealers, engineers, CEO etc... on this forum prove it. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all!!
  6. Transfer Switch Gameplan - Thoughts?

    1)https://www.electricgeneratorsdirect.com/manuals/generac-b156120beb66561e5ab2f46e3773a9e6.pdf This is the link for the Generac panel not Generlink. If you look into it, never they say to lift a ground or float it. At the opposite they mention to ensure everything is connected properly. Now...
  7. Transfer Switch Gameplan - Thoughts?

    I don't know the type of breaker that you used in the Generac but in my Eaton I can put either 6 regular breakers (6x circuits) or 6x twin breakers which are 12 different circuits.
  8. Transfer Switch Gameplan - Thoughts?

    One thing I could think of is, the person did not move all the circuits properly. All the neutrals of the relocated circuits have to be relocated to your Generac panel.
  9. Transfer Switch Gameplan - Thoughts?

    It sucks for sure. It should work as several on this forum are using it without problems. I know my Eaton panel CPL112G3 can be used with generator that have bonded neutral or un-bonded neutral. I think there is a small difference in the install.
  10. Floor Mats? Lux Box?

    Tuxmat looks awsome and cover all the carpet that could get dirty in your truck.
  11. Intelligent Oil Life Monitor

    According to FORD I can change my oil every 16000 KM and/or once a year. Last September I had the oil changed on my truck and I was going to Florida in Feb. So between Sep and my departure, my drives were fairly short and drove in cold weather (Dec-Feb). So when it was time to leave for...
  12. Pro Power Onboard with Transfer Switch to Power House

    I wish I could answer your question but as I said in other post I'm not an electrician. But I feel even if someone would come up with an example you would argue it anyway :) as it probably need specific situation and probably the odds are low but still exist. What I know is, they sell...
  13. Transfer Switch Gameplan - Thoughts?

    I do have a Eaton generator panel and it works but mine is for bonded neutral generator so I have the triple breakers. I doubt that they can add an extra breaker for your neutral without some modification to the panel or the breaker. But I'm not an electrician....
  14. Pro Power Onboard with Transfer Switch to Power House

    It's like the debate about 87 or 93 fuel or how often should we change oil in our truck. We have some belief, right or wrong, that guides us in our choices. Then we can roll our eyes on some of the comments :)
  15. Pro Power Onboard with Transfer Switch to Power House

    There are 2x types of generator panels. One for bonded ground (this is what you need) and non bonded ground. The one for bonded ground as a triple breaker where the red, black and white (neutral) are connected. When you flip from your electrical provider to your Powerboost it removes the bond...
  16. Power tailgate on 2021

    I agree the hinges are probably all at the same place. The ones that have motorized tailgate, are you able to open it manually?
  17. Power tailgate on 2021

    The tailgate that you found is coming from which year of F-150
  18. 87 vs 93 Octane

    I'm retired so I'm not in a rush to get anywhere :) so I stick with the 87.
  19. 87 vs 93 Octane

    My truck has more than enough power with 87 and I don't tow much with. Why pay more.