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  2. Dealer shenanigans: what would you do?

    I would tell the sales manager to go F himself and not only never do business there again, but make sure I tell every person I know not to as well. The only reason people get away with treating customers like this is because people take it and still give over their money to them. Please STOP...
  3. Seeking advice regarding Powerboost issues

    I stopped reading after the first paragraph but I had the exact same shifting issue and the problem was that the factory had installed an outdated power control module(chip) on the drive train. They probably did this because it was a 2021 and a 2021 chip wasn’t available after sitting several...
  4. How many miles on your truck when delivered?

    You can always jack up the rear end and put it in reverse to roll back the miles. 😃
  5. I came home last night and told my wife "you are never, ever going to believe what I am about to say"

    I noticed that as well. They finally did get to the feature deletions at the very end of the FAQ but it was nestled within an answer you had to expand to see. This after obviously and intentionally not saying what features they would delete for several paragraphs. Clown World.
  6. F150 Powerboost Axle bolt sheared off

    I think I have the same build as you. I have a 2021 Limited hybrid 3.7. My transmission issue ended up being an outdated power train control module chip that was installed probably just to get the truck off the factory lot as it had sat there for months. Once the correct chip was installed the...
  7. Power reset for better MPG

    I have the same issue. 2021 F150 3.7L Hybrid fully loaded Limited. In Houston I can drive in eco mode no faster than 40Mph for 20 miles and not ever go over 1,500 RPM and I still won't get better than 20.4 Mpg. Maybe it is the humidity, 20 in wheels and regular unleaded because it sure in hell...
  8. Headlights would not turn off

    This just happened to me too. Lights finally went off after 10 minutes. I think it may have e had something to do with my phone Wi-Fi remaining linked to the truck. But even after disconnecting it and unlocking and relocking the truck it took 10 minutes for the head and taillights to go off. I...
  9. New door chime

    This just started happening on my 2021 F150 hybrid and it is driving me crazy. The seatbelt unbuckling solution hasn’t worked either. It is really starting to piss me off. Very annoying.
  10. Fleet sales manager at dealer says they expect 40% range reduction at 70 mph + , Is that possible?

    I had a Model X from 2016-19 and that was not my experience. Any highway speeds greatly reduce range, at least back then. Perhaps not by 40% but definitely more than 20%.
  11. Does anyone else think the 10 spd transmission just plain sucks?

    You should have them look at the power train control module to make sure they installed the correct one. That is what was wrong with mine.
  12. Does anyone else think the 10 spd transmission just plain sucks?

    Why wouldn’t the ability to store, track and install correct parts also have increased at the same rate as the number of parts? Do you seriously think every bolt and part is not meticulously accounted for? How else could they efficiently manage their costs? Look at any B roll footage of an auto...
  13. Does anyone else think the 10 spd transmission just plain sucks?

    Can you imagine being a mechanic for a 100 year old company and you get a memo that says the first thing you should look for on any vehicle is whether or not the parts are correct?? ??
  14. Does anyone else think the 10 spd transmission just plain sucks?

    It’s very strange indeed. They scan every part when they install it so they have to know the parts are wrong.
  15. Does anyone else think the 10 spd transmission just plain sucks?

    Service rep told me they are seeing all kinds of factory screw ups from new vehicles. Much more than normal. Vaccine induced brain fog? I hear that is going around.
  16. Does anyone else think the 10 spd transmission just plain sucks?

    So after 23 days I finally got my 2021 F150 3.5 Hybrid back from the dealership. The factory had installed an incompatible 2020 power train module(chip) which is why the transmission was so screwy. It is now awesome. I have torque and smooth shifting! They also trimmed some of the wheel well...
  17. Terrible MPG in my 2021 F150 Powerboost

    I got one of those 6 inch radio antennas for my 2021 LTD Hybrid. Can I be in the cool kid mod club??