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  1. Installed Bedrug XLT Mat and Bed Extender

    Nothing huge here, but I got around to installing my Bedrug XLT full bed mat and the bed extender from my old 2017 XLT 302A. Install was simple for both. I can confirm the older model bed extender works on the 2021 although there is no predrilled hole the taligate for the drop down pin when...
  2. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    Installed my new Revolver X4s truck cover on my Smoked Quartz King Ranch. I had a Revolver x2 on my previous 2017 XLT which I liked but it had a couple of flaws both of which have been addressed in the X4s. I like the Revolver covers as they seem provide a little better security a typical...
  3. Anyone found a way to disable the reverse beeping? It's loud as hell, and I'm sure will annoy the neighbors.

    I just took delivery and i'm considering returning the truck if this is permanent "feature" Has anyone tried unplugging the speaker?