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  1. CV Axle Leaking Dif Fluid…Again

    Truck being towed to shop tomorrow. This will make a third attempt for repair of the same issue. I’m at a loss…thoughts from anyone? https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/cv-axle-oil-wet-looking-spot-on-the-hub-photo-attached.18393/
  2. Autumn Color Eye Candy

    I thought about this after @SanJuanTech posted some really nice camping pics. I would love to see some Autmn eye candy! Personsally I get great ideas viewing photos from other members. I'll start with mine. Beautiful I know! Brings tears to my eye just looking at it. Literally! If i get...
  3. Site Visit to Blue Oval City Memphis

    Had a long week and had to make a site visit to the Blue Oval City just north of Memphis. Roughly 6 square miles. A lot of work to do for sure. And spied a map that I couldn’t resist getting a pic of. I assume since it is displayed publicly it is good to share??? If not shame on them! 😁...
  4. Front Camera Fault, Pre-Collision Assist and Adaptive Cruise not Available

    I’ve spent some time searching and not finding really anything on the forum so I hope it’s just me. I would appreciate any thoughts from the community. Camera functions as it should as best I can tell and I can see all 360 degree angles. Front Camera is clean. Sensors are clean. While...