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  1. Are you still waiting on a truck blended in January or February?

    Call marketing. I did get some good info when I called.
  2. 04/22/2024 - Build Week

    It took about 3 weeks before someone hit the button to permit. I guess I just got lucky.
  3. 04/22/2024 - Build Week

    It looks like it’s in the train yard right now. 22400 Vreeland Rd Trenton, MI
  4. 04/22/2024 - Build Week

    Well it looks like someone is moving my truck. They authorized the Ford Pass pop up and now I am able to see where it is, even if the tracker is still not updating! Yes some of the complimentary trials have started, but I am okay with that.
  5. 04/22/2024 - Build Week

    It was worth a shot. I did send Chip a note looking to confirm what I was told. Hope that yours gets some movement soon!
  6. 04/22/2024 - Build Week

    After seeing a number of positive updates for the later build weeks and @caposeidon i was wearing our the refresh button. If I was looking for concert tickets I probably would have been identified as a bot. Contacted Ford Chat and was given an update of estimated delivery in the past. I then...
  7. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    I’d be interested to hear about that too. Mine only has the W as well.
  8. 2024 F-150 Scheduling This Week (3/14/24) for Production Week 4/15 - 4/22

    I have a 502A PB Lariat with a blend date of 4/24, still on hold. But I think @caposeidon has a PB that was just released the other day, same build week. There is hope.
  9. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    There are regional discounts, but the MSRP is the MSRP, regardless of location.
  10. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    Just got done with Ford Chat. No change on my side. Maybe another day or two and I’ll see some progress. Fingers crossed.
  11. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    Great news! Is your tracker updated or still showing “In Production“? I hope I’m not too far off, blend date 4/24 and been in limbo since 4/29, after bed liner and tonneau cover.
  12. 04/22/2024 - Build Week

    Just spoke with chat and really no movement. The only half positive is that there was a pending update that she could see but nothing that could be shared. Did also confirm that the secondary status shows "Sent offsite for holding".
  13. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    I don’t blame you. I would probably tell them to build me a new one since they decided to let it sit instead of delivering to the dealer. Not a chance I’m taking a damaged truck.
  14. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    Is there a timeout? Mine is going on around 2 weeks pending activation. I hope there is movement for @caposeidon, because that would potentially mean movement for me.
  15. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    I think it’s more than just PAT. I took 63X with a build week of 4/22. I’m on hold with absolutely no idea why. Likely PB related as non-PB builds appear to be progressing.
  16. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    Same build week 4/22 and they just stopped updating my tracker. Was supposed to ship by the 12th and when i ask chat they just say last update was 4/29 (same as the tracker site)
  17. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    It looks as though they still aren’t acknowledging the communication issues or the lack there of. I think most of us will agree on the quality needing to be improved but just saying it’s on hold with absolutely no potential end date and no communication on what the hold is regarding is what is...
  18. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    You sir are a wealth of information! Thank you to you and your dealer for the information. I guess it would explain why some are shipping off to the dealerships. Though I am not sure if all of them are PB’s. Here is hoping that we all have some movement soon.
  19. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    And no other info as to the reason it is just sitting I suppose.
  20. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    I was told tonight ETA to dealer was 5/9 to 5/12 and that the tracker wouod Show that on the next update but couldn't tell me when it would update.