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  1. Houston Power outage Powerboost to the rescue

    May want to try the A/C. Every unit is different but the truck runs mine fine, others can't, but no harm in trying. Also I'd recommend turning off the water heater.
  2. Bike Rack Setups - Show Yours!

    Kuat hitch rack for ours. My road bike fits in the cab just fine, but for mountain biking, gravel, or my heavy electric hunting bike the hitch rack is perfect.
  3. Believed to be bad sw update for gateway module

    Reading your dates it looks like the module died a couple weeks after the update. Did you havr any other issues with the software update after the reset? Not saying you are wrong, but there are other possibilities with that time gap. On the other hand, that much cash for a module is robbery.
  4. No more battery problems.

    Did the same with the same results, she's been happy for months. I think sitting at the plant/shipping/dealer with a dead battery for months screws with the BMS, just needs a good charge and reset.
  5. Calling all fishing enthusiasts! 🎣 Adjustable Truck Cap Roof Rack from Melipron

    Do you have pics of rods setup that way,? Do you sell the rod holders or just the cross bar?
  6. I set a bunch of new records..

    What speed are you driving on the highway to get 30+mpg?
  7. TFL Truck: The Problem with Lifted Trucks That NOBODY Is Talking About...

    I think hell will freeze over before I watch a 27 minute youtube video. Why not just say what the issue is?
  8. Towing a 7,500 lb travel trailer w/o a WDH?

    Thank you, appreciate the explanation. I've never had a WDH so it isn't something I'm familiar with.
  9. Towing a 7,500 lb travel trailer w/o a WDH?

    Question of curiosity, does the Trailer Anti Sway Assist not help in a case like this?
  10. Scratch after windshield inspection

    I don't think it would be worth the time investment.
  11. thinking of battery replacement out of pocket

    You can just check your phone after a while. It will either show how many minutes you have left before it shuts down, or if the timer has expired it will show the standard home screen ready to start again. I've never had an issue with it.
  12. thinking of battery replacement out of pocket

    Nope, it times out on its own after 15 mins if you use the app. I assume the same if you start it with the FOB but never tried that. If you really aren't driving it much you can extend it another 15 mins in the app. Note that I've been told by forum members that it will charge faster if you...
  13. thinking of battery replacement out of pocket

    My '23 PB often went into power save mode when new if I didn't take it on a long weekend drive. I do a lot of short trips to the gym and work during the week. I charged the battery up to full and reset the BMS, that helped greatly reduce the issue. I'd give it a shot before buying a battery...
  14. Google Maps not loading consistently..

    Mine fails to project often in the truck and the wife's subaru with corded AA. I think it is an Android issue. Simple fix for me is just to change views away from maps or waze and then back again, it usually loads.
  15. 21 PB Ground Fault

    There we go, I added the quotes back in. I'm sure he deleted the posts by accident.
  16. 21 PB Ground Fault

    I had a back and forth with @Gros Ventre , but rather than admit he was wrong he blocked me, or otherwise set it so I can't see his posts nor you. Or an admin did, I don't know, doesn't matter. If I logout his misinformation posts are still visible, so I guess I'm just blocked. As for the...
  17. 21 PB Ground Fault

    /QUOTE="Gros Ventre Sorry my friend... You just do not know what you're talking about... Maybe you might reflect on why the word dielectric is included if the purpose is only to exclude water... in that case any grease would do. /QUOTE Here you go, "googled" from the manufacturer of the product...
  18. 21 PB Ground Fault

    @Gros Ventre Most any non-conductive grease would work for low voltage connectors in a pinch, but why not use the grease made for it making less of a mess. For higher voltage connectors like spark plugs always use dielectric grease to prevent moisture and other contamination from intruding and...
  19. 21 PB Ground Fault

    LOL. Well, at least you understood the grease goes in the spark plug wire boot, even if not why. /QUOTE="Gros Ventre Seriously yourself. The description of air is baloney. Two metal components can be separated by a thin film of dielectric grease... and then won't conduct, while the air is...
  20. 21 PB Ground Fault

    /QUOTE="Gros Ventre If you put dielectric grease "everywhere" you risk preventing the conductors from "conducting." Put it where its needed, only. /QUOTE Seriously? Never worked around electricity, owned a boat, or worked on a car? Air is an insulator too, how do you keep that out of the...