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  1. 10R80 harsh downshifts normal or should I have the dealer tinker with it?

    Perfectly smooth, no. But much better than I likely would have experienced in normal. If you do get on it in sport, it does take some time to upshift when you cool down but that’s the whole point really imo. I don’t really have any issues with up/downshifting these days
  2. 10R80 harsh downshifts normal or should I have the dealer tinker with it?

    I drove in sport on my 23 for the first 2000 miles if not more based on feedback from this forum. It forces the trans to go through ALL gears and get them used. In my 21, I didnt do this (that was a trial and error truck for me) and I had harsh engagement all the time. Didn’t have any issues for...
  3. "Trailer Brake Module Fault" Message Won't Go Away

    I pulled 42 and 91 just now, both weren’t broken but did have a slight bronzing to the fusing element. I also was able to push down and seat most fuses in there better. Still have the trailer brake fault message on accessory, then start up for a second and then goes away. I know I’ve seen an...
  4. My F-150 ownership was short lived

    I would take these seat covers for my truck. In reality, I had a bronco sport big bend as a loaner while truck was in service, and those seats would look great in my truck. I’ve been wondering how to get the fabric/cover and replace them if possible.
  5. Are you trading your 21-23 for. 24+?

    With Granger's pricing a Lariat configured how I want would be the MSRP of the current truck, and with rates it wouldn't make sense to start over. I am not opposed to the looks but I decided on getting an ESP through Granger and keeping the truck till the end of that warranty term. Plan to pay...
  6. Are you trading your 21-23 for. 24+?

    Agreed, on the current I hit 16k in a year. On the 21 I was commuting more and hit 25k in 15 months of ownership. First truck was in service/body shop for combined over 50 days, this one less so, I can't imagine how many miles the first one would have had.
  7. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    The cynic in me…close my eyes. The only way to show is to mimic the steps that make it happen AT the dealership. And HOPE they can T/S as if it goes away they probably wouldn’t be able to fix anything
  8. 2024 Tremor

    One I found recently. https://www.kengarfffordcheyenne.com/inventory/new-2024-ford-f-150-tremor-4wd-crew-cab-pickup-1ftfw4l89rfa69782/ build date April 24
  9. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    wouldn’t hurt to try! As long as you haven’t made any changes in FORSCAN they should be able to work on it. I know others change their stuff back to OEM settings before bringing it in
  10. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    Thought about doing the same, and getting an H8 like others have recommended. Just one expensive battery…
  11. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    yea, I can confirm that if they message isn’t displaying at the dealership, it’s very hard to get them to “verify concern” and T/S. My ‘21 had all kinds of error messages that I documented thoroughly but they never really fixed them because it wasn’t displaying at the point of drop off.
  12. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    id take it in, hopefully you have pictures of all the occurrences? Or if you’d rather not take it in I believe there is a user here than can use your VIN to check for codes via FORSCAN
  13. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    When I turn the truck on to accessory to jot down fuel trip data, and then start the truck, I always get a trailer brake fault warning that goes away within a second. Super weird but I just ignore it. Sounds like this happened while driving?
  14. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    So I am not the only one with a weak HVAC?! have you taken it to the dealership for that issue? Mine will not blow strong at max speed on the feet and face setting, but will do fine in one or the other. Put it on both, and all I hear is air behind the whole dash/infotainment screen etc. What is...
  15. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    Do you happen to know what build date the redesign happened? I have been meaning to check my truck to compare as I know someone posted about the CDF(?) being revamped. Thanks in advance!
  16. Platinum Plus (photos) Agate Black

    In this instance I also agree that the Platinum effect is lost on the back end. I can see why people would be upset now, as from the back there is no differentiating factor.. but hey Ford reduced 2K parts from last years to this year right?! Save the planet, RIGHT?!....
  17. Question about something a ford tech told me

    for the H8, any specific version? Interstate has an H8 with non-AGM and AGM. IIRC I’ve seen posts on here talking about how the OEM is an AGM so just want to make sure if I get one it’s not going to cause problems with the warranty or the vehicle itself. Thanks!
  18. 2024 Rapid Red Platinum Plus Delivered

    Can honestly say I’m surprised they coated the diff and axles as in there’s no rust…I picked up both my 21 and 23 with rust already present. :crazy:
  19. Squeak/Creak from somewhere underneath

    Hoping someone might have some intuition/expertise on this. Noise started about 3 weeks ago, we’ve had snow and junky weather in between then and now, so could be rocks or anything. However, I did get a car wash that sprays underneath, fixed the noise for a day and was back the next day. I have...
  20. Brought 2024 King Ranch F-150 home yesterday.

    I remember watching videos of the new gen pre-production Tundra and how the vortex generators and all that jazz were supposed to eliminate debris flying in the truck with that window down. Wonder how true that is