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  1. Husky 102V Inflator

    Please reply back to let us know if you found anyone in the store that could help you! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Rattling fluid sound driver side 2021 f150 PB

    Obviously not the most versed “truck guy” on this forum by a WIDE margin…but I’m going to suggest you look into waste gate rattle.
  3. NOCO genius5 not charging PowerBoost

    Yeah not saying it’s wrong. Just trying to troubleshoot the issue. My thought was to 100% guarantee it’s getting juice to the battery by connecting directly to the battery post. Just removing a touch point for the charger I guess.
  4. NOCO genius5 not charging PowerBoost

    Have you tried getting that black negative clamp onto the negative battery terminal itself?
  5. Steering Wheel on the CORRECT side Club

    What a super cool and unique truck. Congrats to you and thanks for the share. Enjoy! I’m gonna keep watching and reading. I love it!
  6. Cargo Ease Bed Slide installed review & pics

    Very interesting design. Thanks for sharing!
  7. CV Axle Leaking Dif Fluid…Again

    Got the truck back this afternoon and grabbed these pics. before repair… After repair… Notice silicone/gasket seal??? 3rd repair… What you all think?
  8. Pulled the trigger

    Looks great. Enjoy! Damn I want those running boards!!!
  9. Business in da front Party Rear

    Looks good on your truck. Thanks for sharing. Looks like your having fun with it and that’s what it’s about. I agree wrapping the top would be cool and continue that panda look. and who doesn’t like stickers. Now if they are scratch and smell stickers on your truck you’ve gone to far!
  10. Do I really...

    Ummmmm Yes. Absolutely. No question about it. Can’t think of why you would ask!😌 if you’re asking the question then the answer is yes as you already have some idea of the need..what you don’t know yet is all the reasons you haven’t thought of. Through out your ownership you will say…I’m so...
  11. 23K Miles - Differential Leaking 2021 F150

    I’m getting mine back this afternoon and supposedly it is fixed. I’ve had the “repair” 3 times now. Last pic that was so bad I thought it was engine oil…it still could be. Service manager not listening. When I get it I’ll be pulling the tire and wheel off and dropping the skid plate and doing a...
  12. CV Axle Leaking Dif Fluid…Again

    Message sent yesterday afternoon. Thanks.
  13. CV Axle Leaking Dif Fluid…Again

    I just jacked it up a bit and got under. Hard to do much in the dark. I’m now convinced it’s engine oil. Looks feels and smells exactly the same. Just finding it’s way to this area drivers side. There has been no drip since I noticed the driveway 5 hours ago which leads me to think it leaks...
  14. CV Axle Leaking Dif Fluid…Again

    I’m investigating further now. Truck had CV axle issues so when I seen the spot on drive I may have jumped to conclusion. From above I can’t see anything leaking. I sure appreciate your perspective.
  15. CV Axle Leaking Dif Fluid…Again

    that’s where it’s dripping but best I can tell it’s coming from CV connecting to DIF. Smells like gear oil to me??? What else could it be? It’s getting slung when driving.
  16. CV Axle Leaking Dif Fluid…Again

    Truck being towed to shop tomorrow. This will make a third attempt for repair of the same issue. I’m at a loss…thoughts from anyone? https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/cv-axle-oil-wet-looking-spot-on-the-hub-photo-attached.18393/
  17. Powerboost- Same round trip- Same driving habits - Wide variation in MPG. Why?

    Weather, wind, temperature, traffic, tire pressure, fuel, payload
  18. Anyone else experiencing a pop noise from their speakers? Powerboost?

    Had anyone on here tried the manual APIM reset? Press and hold the power and next track button until the screen goes black? I had a couple crackle and pops. Did the reset and all good so far. 🤞 don’t waste your time with the Ford Bot. Fake and no help. Only jump in from time to time to act...
  19. Buying used certified 2023 Powerboost XLT

    @SportsTechnology bought it! Reverse psychology is a great tactic.
  20. Buying used certified 2023 Powerboost XLT

    Ahhh man! Not you again! Come on man. Don’t you have a hobby or something? Besides telling other people what they should or shouldn’t do based on your very small one off experience? Sounds a little like a KAREN…just say’n. Don’t buy a PB I’m an expert and don’t do it they all suck. BTW I...