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  1. Electric blanket issues when plugged into the truck

    Not sure what the deal is with a new electric blanket I got for a camping trip. It's fine when plugged into the wall but no heat when plugged into the truck. The controller for the blanket turns on and I can set it to high, but no heat to the blanket, which is 100w. Might just be the blanket but...
  2. Paint bubble in flatbed, do I care?

    Just picked up a new 22 powerboost and a week or two later found a paint bubble in the flatbed. Dealer said it's warranty and can do it mid Feb, will have the truck for a week. My bedrug was just delivered and I'm eager to get a topper as well. The only thing I'm really worried about is the...
  3. Bedrug recommendations?

    Wondering what the best options are. Going to have a topper and wanted a bedrug for the dogs - mostly using the truck for camping / off-roading.
  4. When did Lariat price increase?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone happens to know the day that the Lariat had a price increase. It went up $1500 sometime at the end of Feb this year. I placed my order and then was told it went up $1500, so I'm just trying to make sure I sent everything in before that happened.
  5. Hidden winch mount (or new bumper) for 22 Powerboost?

    I can't seem to find a hidden winch mount for a 22 Powerboost, anyone know of one? If not I may have to look into a new bumper... I've been a Toyota guy for most of my driving life so if anyone has suggestions for that please let me know. Not looking for anything that would come up and cover the...
  6. Bait and switch?

    Wouldn't it be a bait and switch if you put an order in, sign off on it, then months later find out there removing features?
  7. Question about dropped features

    Lariat 501a Powerboost confirmed order March 7, bumped to Aug 15 on June 28 and have not been bumped since. My dealer told me I was going to lose the 360 cameras and adaptive cruise control but when I go to the tracking page I still see the 360 cameras under features - does anyone know if that...