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  1. Chip hold My22 & My23

    I feel you pain, hang in there. Mine was delivered 364 days after order was placed.
  2. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Well, 364 days after ordered it is in the driveway.
  3. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Well it looks like it is finally happening! Truck has been received by the dealer. It is 5 day short of a year since I ordered and quite the ride. Thank all who helped me maintain my sanity during the process. For those of you still awaiting I wish you the best of luck and hang in there.
  4. 2022 F150s Ordered in 2021

    Coming up on one year here also. I’m currently told truck is in transit. Scheduled for delivery November 12-18.
  5. Chip hold My22 & My23

    According to the Ford tracker I moved from production to built as of yesterday and have not received any email notification from Ford as of yet
  6. Chip hold My22 & My23

    Well guys just checked my status and shows I am built 😀
  7. Chip hold My22 & My23

    I just hit the 70 day in production mark today :cautious:
  8. Chip hold My22 & My23

    66 days and 17 hours " In Production" No movement on module count (sitting at 963) since September 26, no 720 modules.
  9. Chip hold My22 & My23

    Ordered 19NOV21.…… STILL waiting :(
  10. Chip hold My22 & My23

    I feel your pain, see signature for details.
  11. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Yup, found that gem in my inbox this morning. Going on 10 months since order was placed.
  12. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Not sure what I am supposed to have, or not have for my PB Platinum build. Went through the Module List tab from the FORScan excel file and below is the list I modules I do not see populated in the oredertrack.app for my build. Module Name - Description Module Address ACCM - Air...
  13. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Congrats! Where you picking up? Mine in Kirkland Ford.
  14. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    According to my VIN it’s coming from Dearborn
  15. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Window sticker populated today! Hope the rest of yours start to show up.
  16. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    I was having that issue as well on my iphone, I hit refresh and the fields populated.
  17. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    8/8 build week with an actual production date of 8/11 as provided by Ford Chat. Looked at the tracker today and shows "in production". This CAN'T be right, can it??? No window sticker, "has not been released for this vehicle"
  18. 8/8/2022 Build Week

    Move over fellas, joining.
  19. Cup holder light installation/media bin light/glove box light

    Good luck, sounds like a bit of a crap-shoot